Freeman (Steve) Newhall [alias SHADOWCATCHER] passed away on July 26, 2003.

Over the  years he was on my Mailing List and we shared many insights and ideas. These are a few of his observations  - I will post more as I come across them in my archives.

Samten de Wet.

3rd August 2002

Hang Ten, Samten,

Happiness is a condition that exists out of space, out of time, free from the constriction and restrictions of the material world, a momentary feeling that happens when we break free from all materiality for any length of time.

The main difference between Primitive and Civilized Man, is technology. ( 'the only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys.')

Health is harmony in body, mind and emotions. Knowledge comes from the recognition that all things have a common denominator, energy, motion and rhythm.
The 'Quest' is rooted in the psyche of all mankind, seeking that which cannot be found, drawing all toward the 'well-spring' of Life that quenches all thirst.
Zen masters speak of the Simplicity that emerges from Complexity, of Silence, of Stillness, or the absence of sound and motion. ( 'how high is the sky? how deep is the ocean? )

Wisdom that comes when all knowledge has been exhausted, when all things have been reduced to principles and values, the values of relationships, respect and kindness, honour and self-honesty.
Morality that passes sexuality and the desires of the flesh, to live and let live, to die and to forget, ( Lethe ) the return to this physical world is not to learn more, but an attraction to things that have no true or lasting reality, and the attraction to things left unresolved. ( karma )

Love comes when fear no longer rules the emotions, when the desire to possess is laid to rest, when the need for power, greed, or control over events no longer force us to lie or to comply with the skimmers, or the bottom-feeders, or the 'pie-in-the-sky'  eaters.
Those who cheat, cheat themselves more than others. Those who promise more than they can keep, toss and turn in their sleep. Salvation comes when we give up all the things we have acquired, not that which we have not acquired. One must first 'fill the cup,' before one can empty it. When we return to our source, our beginning, we arrive with only that which is of value, the true 'essence' of our life experience, nothing more is necessary, all that is of no value is left behind.
"Hurry Sundown."

The Shadowcatcher

13th Jan.2002

You would like Freeman - he is in his 70's and lives in Arizona or somewhere near the Hopi...

January 13, 2002
Past, Present & Future?

"The Revelations of the devout and Learn'd
Who rose before us, and as Prophets burn'd,
Are all but Stories, which, awoke from Sleep,
They told their fellows, and to Sleep return'd."

Dead leaves rustle in the rain-gutters just above my head, like ghosts they remain alive, subject to the capricious nature of the wind. A young girl rides by on her Bay Horse, leading a white colt, she seems lost in thought and she doesnt see me watching her. An old man in his retiring years, I have become anomymus, no longer in the Game, silently sitting on a three legged horse with no Name. But I can remember when I was like Khechara, the 'Sky- Walker' and with my shadow, Kama-rupa, an eidolon or shade, I did travel through the lands on parade. Back through time when the brotherhood of Khe-lan was famous throughout the land, and I could speak in the language of the Devas. I traveled East from Damascus to Baghdad and then on to Tehran in Iran and across the desert of Afganistan through the Hindu Kush along the old 'Silk-Route', past the Vale of Kashmir where the lotus did roll gently upon the placid lake. Then I climbed the mountains through Sikkim to Shigatse, and met my master there, it was he who taught me the science of Tulku and Siddhi, he told me of the Seven Jewels and the Serpent Fire, the Kundalini. And in subsequent years my search for the Magyars took me to Copenhagan in Denmark where I met a Danish woman who took pity on me and soothed my pains, but I left and continued my search, and then I came across a maid in Budapest in the country of Hungary, and she comforted me, playing  her Ukulele and singing her songs of days gone by. I traveled on with a band of Gypsies, and on the high Stepps I rode with the Cossacks, that wild bunch that danced with their sabres drawn and the bravest by far in the ranks of the Czar was Ivan Skivinsky Skivar. ~~~
But now I'm back in the present, never knowing how it all began nor how it ended, and faced with weapons of mass distruction, & there is gun-fire in Kasmir and the bombs are falling on the caves near Zhawar-Kili on the border of Pakistan and in and in the region of Gandahar our Screaming Eagles are landing in force.~~~~
While down in 'Git-Mo' the 'Al qaeda' are knealing & praying to Allah, behind barbed-wire enclosers. And the World is becoming restless in the face of so much violence. As shit,!~~ this was not so when I more recently traveled from Shanghi to Hong Kong and on to Singapore after the war.
Will it ever change to a more peaceful condition.? Maybe not on my watch, but someday, so hang in there my friends and keep your powder dry. And send me a letter bye & bye.~~~~ha!
                                                     The Shadowcatcher