17th February 2003

Dear Samten


I was sorry to have missed Friday night. I had a family problem that left me without transport and not knowing anyone else on your list, couldn't call for a lift.  I hope you will consider having more soirees - it's so good to get people together and build positive energy through collaboration.


Warm regards  -Charmaine

One more thing......


Wilst living in the US, I was met and mentored by Joanna Macy.  I now do 'Deep Ecology' work which includes workshops called Eco Warrior, Council of All Beings and Dispair and Empowerment.  I'm about to call together a group of people who may want to do this important 'work' together, so let me know if you would like to be part of that number.


Warm regards,    Charmaine

YES, lets have a monthly soiree!  Had I known Kantey and Estian were coming, I would have called one of them for a lift - 

Charmaine Treherne,   Co-Ordinator,   South African New Economics  (SANE)   Phone: +27-21-689-6892  - Website: http://www.sane.org.za

17th February 2003

There is this cross over between the physical and the creative, both must be reaching out toward the other, furiously, then my body feels all cleaned up and polished again. I am really only a race horse. It was lovely.


Tossie van Tonder

17th February 2003

Thanks, Sam. Groovy party and very interesting people, though I think nex time the intimacy of a home might be even better. I hope something comes of the contacts people made, too.

 Viva Old Hippiez!


mike cope

16th February 2003

Thank you! I really needed that - coming out of the most critical and difficult three year process of my life!

Appended is an ad for a workshop I'm running at Constantia Waldorf school - please pass it on to anyone you think might be interested. It's in aid of my son's class trip to Switzerland to present an African version of the Tempest (which also happens to be the theme of the novel I am writing at present!!!)

Hope to dance and play again soon!!

'I am certain of nothing but the truth of imagination and the holiness of the heart's affections'. - Keats


Dawn Garish



Helen Luke suggested the purpose of life is to find out what story you are living.  James Hillman asserted that the task of life is to get into the correct

relationship with your daimon, or the god given force that lives through you.

 In this workshop, we revisit the childhood stories that moved, terrified and excited us, and discover how they contained elements that underpin our life task.

Through story telling, movement, drawing and writing, we flesh out these images and energies to receive help along our paths of heart.  

For anyone who wants to work with story and their own lives.

 When :           Sunday 9 march, 10h00 to 17h00

Where:            Constantia Waldorf School, eurythmy room

Cost:               R 200 - pay at reception before Fri 21st Feb.

Bring:              Lunch, comfortable clothing, a cushion, a pen, an A4 journal (unlined), crayons.

Facilitator: DAWN GARISCH, writer, doctor, facilitator at Dakini.

 All proceeds go to the class 12 switzerland trip.

16th February 2003

Dear Sam

Thanks for your mail.  Really enjoyed your party and appreciate all the trouble you took to make it such a happy and stimulating event. Gavin phoned yesterday to say he had arrived in Jhb safe and sound. Told him about the party and he said he really would have enjoyed being there as there were several eco people he wanted to chat to.  Thank you for a wonderful party. Really had fun and appreciated all your organisation and the magical ambiance. Well done on your great organisation!

16th February 2003

Thankx for the greatest party ever! It was brilliant, awesome and so perfect- wish we could have stayed longer!

you had a lovely bunch of people there- all so special and reaffirmed my belief in humans...it was a great reminder of the good work being done! A true sense of community...

I loved the venue, decorations, music, vibe- everything. and it was great seeing you again- you are looking so well, young & twinkle-in-the-eye!

Will e-mail you in the week re a visit- menagerie keeps increasing & there are new feathers and purrs!

You are the best party-organiser in the universe- what about organising a conference next?


Edna Rooth

I must add to the above that our evening would have not been possible without the help of Mike Kantey and Estian Smit, and the decor was a collective effort, plus the snacks which everyone contributed. Perhaps we should form a CLUB and have a monthly meeting.


12th February 2003

Dear Samten,

Thank you for the interesting History of the Tarot e/ mail, I am interested.

Samten,  I have good news in that I found a fantastic job with a textile and lifestyle design business. I will be running the shop called MAKALANI which will open in March in Waterkant street, in the Malay Quarter amongst cafe's Deli's and antique shops. This business runs in Namibia where there are two shops and now are opening a branch in Cape Town. This Thursday I have to fly to Windhoek to familiarize myself with the designs and products,  so very unfortunately cannot join you on Friday.

This all happened so fast , they made me an offer and I accepted.

I will be away for a few days and will contact you once I'm back. I have to do a rather complicated Pastel computer course when back but we will get together , I will give you my birth details shortly , have to ask mother what time I was born.

Lots of love



11th February 2002

Dear Samten


I have been called away this weekend to attend a meeting in Johannesburg with my siblings. My mother died last year so we are in the process of wrapping up her estate. I am very sorry indeed that I will not be able to join you for your Valentine's day event. I hope it is a successful and joyous meeting. I was intending on coming with Heleniq but I shall encourage her to come on her own anyway. I hope to see you at some other point.


Much love

Lisa Bold