UROBOROS for Europe

Dear Friends,

 At present, there are various levels in operation, which represent aspects of class economics, and layers of civilization. At the so-called bottom of the pile, are the millions of human beings who cannot read or write. In the middle, are those who have access to printed media, and at the top of this hypothetical pyramid, are those who use the new technologies of the Internet and the World Wide Web.

The Uroboros Project, for example, which is dedicated to distribution and networking of information on, amongst other subjects, the Western Esoteric Tradition, faces this problem. There are many friends and members who do not have computers, and seem to have no intention of ever acquiring one. They rely completely on printed media for intake of information, they still write letters by hand, or in some cases with typewriters. Another group, who have computers, cannot afford to link to the WWW/Internet. But, they are interested in obtaining whatever information that is of need to them. The word server takes on a different dimension. We have to serve in as many forms as it is necessary to distribute Information.

              Information can also be moved across computers by the simple means of a disc. Many of us use this method often. Again, a computer and a printer means that single copies of a document can be printed out without the expense of resorting to xerox machines.

              By clicking the mouse with one finger, esoteric wisdom can be downloaded. Do we realise the shattering implications of this development?

              Then, years ago I remember reading something by Gurdjief - that said words to this effect: If every human being on the earth was given a ration of knowledge, say five kilos of printed data - most are not even interested. Which means that there are great mountains of information stacked up in the collective archives, both external and internal.

              Who wants this material?And why? Even if it could be distributed - the receiving matrix must be ready. And most people are immersed in their material lives to such a degree that the situation seems hopeless.

              I can only go onward, cleaning up my own act, and making creative uses for the Wisdom. The Transmission must go onward. It must find new forms to manifest ancient archetypes. If the WWW is one of these forms, then we must move into the technology and tools necessary. The material means will become available.


Dear Friends,

The Uroboros Archive is basically a xerox collection. Many rare and important Journals are unavailable in South African Libraries - or exist in broken sets, or have to be ordered on inter-library loan, plus expenses.

On-Line search facilities exist in main libraries - for locating which resources are available.



 THE UROBOROS PROJECT - Hermetic, Alchemical and related Esoteric Resources. Write for catalogue.




 Ongoing Work on Database.

 This material is being constantly updated on Microsoft Word for Windows, and the Bibliographic List is on Microsoft Access, or any other software applications that will translate this programme.

As this Database has recently come into operation, please ask for the present state of the service.

 For use of this service, subscribers can request a printout on one category alone. Due to the vast expense of Posting bulky parcels, it is suggested that where possible - a disc can, and will be posted instead.




 "The need to provide better information to those who classify and disseminate information is not only important, but urgent. The proliferation of computer networks combined with rapid advances in computer technology, signifies we are in the midst of an historically-unprecedented revoltion in terms of scale (information is disseminated more widely than ever before and the amount of information is larger than ever before), and in terms of speed."

 Faivre, Antoine and Voss, Karen-Claire, Western Esotericism and the Science of Religions, NUMEN, Vol. 442 (1995). E.J. Brill, Leiden.


 "...a form of reproduction that uses as little space as possible."

Jean Favier, eminent historian and archivist, Head of France's New National Library - Bibliotheque Nationale de France. Andre Zysberg, historian, info-technology. Serge Salomon, computerised the BN - part of the team. Guardian Weekly, Sept. 11. 1994.



 The working list of material with titles divided into Before and After the Year 1600.

Bibliographic networking in history, the archaeology of Hermetic literature is Metaphysical.

Lists of Esoteric Collections in Archives and Libraries.

Microfilms of originals available (Finances needed?)

Most of the main Libraries are available online through Internet. This allows for online Library searches, and research. Rome, Milan, Padua &c.


The Uroboros Archive is basically a xerox collection. Many rare and important Journals are unavailable in South African Libraries - or exist in broken sets, or have to be ordered on inter-library loan, plus expenses.

On-Line search facilities exist in main libraries - for locating which resources are available.

Dear Friends,

The enclosed (newsletter) on THE UROBOROS PROJECT and The Catalogue of material available, represents the fruition of almost 30 years of work.

The following document is a loosely structured series of ideas and projects.

Most of this work has reached a completed stage, while other aspects are still in formation. The emphasis being placed upon the process and not the finished project.

The site of my work has always been basically tri-continental in nature, that is, European, African and Asian.

`Uroboros' is specifically concerned with the European Transmissions.

`The Uroboros Project' is more of a process,`a work in progress'than a production of esoteric articles.

The fruit of study in European Libraries from 1979 through to 2002, has resulted in a large collection of research material with a corresponding international network of addresses.

Extensive bibliographical references were collected, and links established with some groups.

The Project thus uses limited photostat copies of the material on file to a small but very keen circle of friends, and other students.

              All aspects of this work are constantly offered as a process for open, democratic,co-operative interleaving, as we are all working within our diverse streams, towards a united programme (or a `unity in-diversity') of individual and social creativity.

              To date - experience has proven, that the most rewarding method for these times, is group research, fused to individual experiential work. This process has proved very fruitful during workshops conducted over the years, in Africa and abroad.

              Experience and various environmental factors influence the texture of each workshop. Where collective blocks arise in deeper layers of the symbolic material - the group decides how far to penetrate in terms of `healing' the block. Often - we have all stood at the edge of things we knew were not yet to be understood. The maintaining of these `unformed' areas, always seems to catalyze greater creativity.

 Excessive naming, labeling and psychic packaging of symbol systems - is reductive and leads to fixations of meaning evident in the worst cliches of the so-called New Age Movement.

 It is towards the Disciplined Volatility and not to Fixation that we should be moving.

See: Hexagrams 58 & 24 of The I Ching.


There is a great wealth of material in about 10,000 pages, in technical terminology, there are about 1437 files in roughly 125 DIRECTORIES.

Though all the material still needs slight editing, the set is ready to be shared with all interested friends and subscribers.

As yet, the logistics still have to be worked out. Copies have to be mailed out to key individuals, editors, publishers and publications, and to the main patrons of the work - without whose support this project would not have been possible.


An astronomical amount of money is going to be needed for this entire project. Financial Burden - bottleneck.

It will take some time before costing can establish the actual price of printing the material available - but in the meanwhile, please let me know if you are interested.

A magazine/newsletter UROBOROS will handle the suplus material and related subjects.

              Your support would be gratefully appreciated.

              Please specify your interests and material to the value of your contribution will be sent to          you.

              All cheques etc to be made out to UROBOROS.

 This is a basic structure of work done, available, and work that will become available as the resources are given shape.Nothing can be achieved without financial support and your esteemed support is deeply appreciated. It is a minute fraction of the spectrum. May these few offerings and ideas help to open lines of communication, and may our work be of benefit to humanity.

 Yours sincerely,

Samten de Wet. [ * ]



 [ * ] This work was completed on September 10th, 1995 in Turin, Italy. My endless gratitude to Giorgio Faraggiana, who supplied the financial needs and the security of a home, a computer and a printer, through 1993, 1994, and most of 1995.