I also have a series of lectures given for an MA course in the US titled Models of Transformation: Working with Change. I attach the brief synopsis of the course. In the course of excavating these I found another lecture given in various Jung centers in the US that would serve well as the pivotal talk for the [South African] visit: Entering the Ghost River: The Worlds of Change. Among other things this connects African "shamanistic healers" with the tradition.





Stephen Karcher PhD



This course is based in Total I Ching: Myths for Change. We will examine how the Classic of Change, the world’s oldest tradition of “wisdom divination,” provides models of the psyche’s transformative and healing powers, proceeding through an examination of  Eastern ideas of the “Way” or Dao and the insights of Western Transformative Psychologies. The object is to make “Change” a part of your imaginative and intellectual life.


Stephen Karcher, Ph.D. is an internationally known scholar, writer, translator, and consulting diviner. He was Director of Research at the Eranos Foundation, Ascona, Switzerland from 1988-1996; has published many books and articles in the fields of comparative mythology, divination, depth psychology and religious experience; and is a featured speaker at the International Myth and Theatre Festivals. He holds a doctorate in Comparative Literature and Archetypal Psychology.



Course Sessions and Topics


The course is organized into ten, one-hour audio sessions. The introductory lecture on The Way of Transformation is presented in both an audio and video format to better acquaint you with Dr. Karcher. We recommend you study the tapes in their sequential order.


Session 1: The Way of Transformation

Session 2: The Matrix of Change

Session 3: Myths for Change

Session 4: The Psychology of the Question 

Session 5: Encounter with the Oracle: Live Divination

Session 6: Encounter with the Oracle: Tools for Change

              Session 7: Zones of Radical Transformation

Session 8: Patience, Shaping, Depersonalization

              Session 9: Death and Renewal: Metaphysics of Change

Session 10: Change in the West: Where are we now?