Van der Post, Laurens

VAN DER POST, L Rock rabbit & the rainbow (Festschrift) VAND

VAN DER POST, LAURENS Rock rabbit and the rainbow; Laurens van der Post among friends. Editor VANDsa

Van der Post, Laurens, biography


JONES, J D Storyletter; many lives, … JONE

Violence, cruelty

ABRAMOVITCH, HENRY From violence to togetherness Audio 115

DIAMOND, STEPHEN Anger, madness & the daimonic… DAIM

DIAMOND, STEPHEN Anger, madness and the diamonic (ON ORDER) DIAM

GUGGENBUHL, ALLEN Incredible fascination of violence; dealing with aggression & brutality among GUGG

MAY, ROLLO Power and innocence; a search for the sources of violence MAY

REDFEARN, JOSEPH Exploding self; the creative and destructive nucleus of the personality REDF

STORR, ANTHONY Human destructiveness; the roots of genocide and human cruelty. 2 ed. STOR

WARDI, DIANA Memorial candles; children of the Holocaust WARD

WOODRUFF, PAUL and Facing evil; light at the core of darkness WOOD



BOLEN, JEAN S. Ring of power; abandoned child, authoritarian father ... a Jungian understanding BOLE

NIETZSCHE, FRIEDRICH Birth of tragedy and The case of Wagner G100 NIET


STEVENS, ANTHONY Roots of war; a Jungian perspective STEV


DUERR, HANS P Dreamtime; concerning the boundary between wilderness and civilisation DUER

MEIER, C A and others Testament to the wilderness .. in honour of C A Meier's 80th birthday MEIEsa

PLAYER, IAN Zulu wilderness; shadow and soul PLAYsa

VAN DER POST, LAURENS Wilderness and the search for soul Audio A42

Winnicott, D W


WINNICOTT STUDIES. Nos. 8,9, 10 Journal

Witchcraft, sorcery, vodoo

BLOOMHILL, GRETA Witchcraft in Africa BLOO

BUHRMANN, M VERA Feminine in witchcraft Parts 1 and 2 Pam BUHRsa

DEREN, MAYA Vodoo gods; intro. By Joseph Campbell DERE

EVANS-PRITCHARD, E Witchcraft, oracles & magic among the Azande G500 EVAN

GARDNER, GERALD Witchcraft today G100 GARD

KING, FRANCIS Witchcraft and demonology G100 KING

LELAND, CHARLES Gypsy sorcery and fortune telling; illustrated by incantations, specimens ... LELA

SAMPSON, H F White-faced huts; witchcraft in the Transkei SAMPsa


DAVID, JULIAN Nature of genius; Jung and Wittgenstein Audio A22

WITTGENSTEIN, LUDWIG Tractatus logico - philosophicus. In German and English G100 WITT

Wolff, Toni


Women & the feminine


ANTHONY, MAGGY Jung's circle of women; the Valkyries ANTH

ARGUELLES, MIRIAM and Feminine, spacious as the sky ARGU

BAKER, CAROLYN Reclaiming the dark feminine; the price of desire BAKE

BARKER, CARA World weary woman; her wound and transformation BARK

BARZ, HELMUT For men, too; a grateful critique of feminism BARZ

BELENKY, Mary, Ed. See: Women's Ways of Knowning WOME

BELENKY, Mary, Ed. et al. Women's ways of knowing; the development of self, voice and mind WOME

BLY, R AND M. WOODMAN Maiden king; the reunion of masculine & feminine BLY

BOLEN, JEAN Wise woman archetype Audio A52

BOLEN, JEAN S. Crossing to Avalon; a woman's mid-life pilgrimage BOLE

BOLEN, JEAN S. Goddesses in every woman; a new psychology of women BOLE

BROWN, JUDITH & others In her prime; a new view of middle-aged women BROW

CAPRIO, BETSY Woman sealed in the tower ... being a view of feminine spirituality CAPR

CARLSON, KATHIE In her image; the unhealed daughter's search for her mother CARL

CARLSON, KATHIE Life's daughter/death's bride; inner transformation . . . CARL

CAROTENUTO, ALDO Spiral way; a woman's healing journey CARO

CASTILLEJO, IRENE DE Knowing woman; a feminine psychology CAST

DOWNING, CHRISTINE Goddess; mythological images of the feminine DOWN

DOWNING, CHRISTINE Psyche's sisters; re-imagining the meaning of sisterhood DOWN

ENGELSMAN, JOAN Feminine dimension of the divine ENGE

ESTES, CLARISSA P Women who run with the wolves ESTE

FIERZ-DAVID, LINDA Women's Dionysian initiation: the Villa of Mysteries in Pompeii FIER


HALL, NOR Moon and the virgin; reflections on the archetypal feminine HALL

HARDING, M ESTHER Way of all women HARD

HARDING, M ESTHER Woman's mysteries HARD

HILLEL, RACHEL Redemption of the feminine erotic soul HILL

HORNEY, KAREN Feminine psychology. Editor Harold Kelman HORN

HOWELL, ALICE Dove in the stone; finding the sacred in the common place HOWE

HURWITZ, SIEGMUND Lilith - die erste Eva; eine Studie uber dunkel Aspekte des Weiblichen HURW

HURWITZ, SIEGMUND Lilith - the first Eve;... aspects of the dark feminine HURW

JOHNSON, ROBERT Femininity lost and regained JOHN

JOHNSON, ROBERT She; understanding feminine psychology JOHN

KOLTUR, B Book of Lilith KOLT


LEONARD, LINDA Meeting the madwoman; an inner challenge for feminine spirit LEON

LEONARD, LINDA Wounded woman; healing the father-daughter relationship LEON

LERNER, HARRIET Dance of anger; a woman's guide to courageous acts of change in key LERN

LONG, ASPHODEL In a chariot drawn by lions LONG

LUKE, HELEN M Woman, earth and spirit LUKE

MARGUERITE, Eve-olution; enriching feminine consciousness & body awareness    MARG

MASCETTI, MANUELA Song of Eve; mythology and symbols of the goddess MASC

MATO, TATAYA Black madonna within; drawings, dreams, reflections MATO

MOON, SHEILA Dreams of a woman; an analyst's inner journey MOON

MURDOCK, MAUREEN Heroine's journey MURD

PERERA, SYLVIA Descent to the goddess; a way of initiation for women - copy 3 PERE

PLASKOW, JUDITH Standing again at Sinai; Judaism from a Feminist Perspective PLAS

QUALLS-CORBETT, NANCY Sacred prostitute; eternal aspect of the feminine QUAL

RAGAN, KATHLEEN ed Fearless girls, wise women & beloved sisters… FM RAGA

SABBAH, FATNA Woman in the Muslim unconscious SABB

SELTMAN, CHARLES, Women in antiquity   G900 SELT

SHORTER, BANI Image darkly formings; women & initiation SHORT

SHUTTLE, PENELOPE and Alchemy for women; personal transformation through dreams and the female SHUT

SIGNELL, KAREN Wisdom of the heart; working with women's dreams SIGN

SINGER, JUNE Modern woman in search of soul… SING

STONE, MERLIN When God was a woman STON

STROUSE, JEAN editor Women and analysis; dialogues on psychoanalytic views of femininity STRO

ULANOV, ANN Female ancestors of Christ ULAN

ULANOV, ANN Receiving woman; studies in the psychology & theology of the feminine ULAN

VICKERS-WILLIS, ROBYN, Navigating midlife: women becoming themselves    VICK

VON FRANZ, MARIE-LOUISE Cat; a tale of feminine redemption VONF

VON FRANZ, MARIE-LOUISE Feminine in fairy tales ... SEE Problems of the feminie VONF

VON FRANZ, MARIE-LOUISE Golden ass of Apuleius; the liberation of the feminine in man. Rev. ed. VONF

WEHR, DEMARIS Jung and feminism; liberating archetypes WEHR

WOODMAN, MARION Addiction to perfection; the still unravished bride. A psychological study WOOD

WOODMAN, MARION and J MELLICK Coming home to myself; reflections . . . WOOD

WOODMAN, MARION Conscious femininity; interviews WOOD

WOODMAN, MARION Conscious femininity; interviews WOOD

WOODMAN, MARION Dancing in the flames WOOD

WOODMAN, MARION Owl was a baker's daughter WOOD

WOODMAN, MARION Pregnant virgin; a process of psychological transformation WOOD

WOODMAN, MARION and Leaving my father's house; a journey to conscious femininity WOOD

WOOLGER, JENNIFER and Goddess within; a guide to the eternal myths that shape women's lives WOOL

YOUNG-EISENDRATH, P Gender and desire; uncursing Pandora YOUN

YOUNG-EISENDRATH, P Women and desire; beyond wanting to be wanter YOUN

ZWEIG, CONNIE editor To be a woman; the birth of the conscious feminine ZWEI

Women & the feminine See also Mother


PARABOLA v 21 no 4. Play and work journal

STEIN, MURRAY Psyche at work STEI

STEIN, MURRAY Psyche in the workplace Audio A55



BRUNTON, PAUL Hidden teaching beyond yoga G100 BRUN

CARR, RACHEL Yoga for all ages G500 CARR

ELIADE, MIRCEA Yoga; immortality and freedom ELIA

HARRIS, JUDITH Jung & yoga; the psyche-body connection HARR

HAUER, J Seminar .. Bericht 1932 HAUE

JUNG, C G Psychology of Kundalini yoga; notes of the seminar given in 1932 JUNG