Pain See Suffering


PARACELSUS Selected writings. Edited .. by Jolande Jacobi PARA

TRISMOSIN, SOLOMON Splendor Solis; alchemical treatises of Solomon Trismosin .. TRIS


MCGLASHAN, ALAN Gravity and levity; the philosophy of paradox MCGL


HILLMAN, JAMES On paranoia (Eranos lecture 8) HILL


CASTENADA, CARLOS Second ring of power G200 CAST

CASTENADA, CARLOS Tales of power G200 CAST

DEVEREUX, George. Editor Psychoanalysis and the occult DEVER

DU PLESSIS, I D Poltergeists of the South G100DUPLsa

DUERR, HANS P Dreamtime; concerning the boundary between wilderness and civilisation DUER

EHRENWALD, JAN New dimensions in deep analysis; a study of telepathy in interpersonal EHRE

HARDY, ALISTER and others Challenge of chance; experiments and speculations G100 HARD

HAUL, JOHN Perils of the soul; ancient wisdom and the New Age HAUL

HEYWOOD, ROSALIND Infinite hive; a personal record of extrasensory experieces G100 HEYW

JACOBSON, NILS Life without death; on parapsychology, mysticism ... Tr. from Swedish G100 JACO

JAFFE, ANIELA From the life and work of C G Jung. New expanded ed JAFF

JOHNSON, RAYNOR Imprisoned splendour G200 JOHN

JUNG, C G Jung on synchronicity and the Paranormal JUNG

JUNG, C G On synchronicity and the paranormal JUNG-SYN

JUNG, C G Psychology and the occult JUNG

KOESTLER, ARTHUR Roots of coincidence G100 KOES

LE SHAN, L. Medium, the mystic and the physicist G100 LESH

LEADBEATER, C W Man visible and invisible G100 LEAD

MOODY, RAYMOND Life after life G100 MOOD

MOSS, PETER and KEETON, J Encounters with the past; how man can experience and relive history G100 MOSS

SMITH, ALSON editor Psychic source book SMIT

Parapsychology See also Witchcraft


CLARKE, LINDSAY Parzival & the stone from heaven (a novel) CLAR


ALLPORT, GORDON Pattern and growth in personality ALLP

ALLPORT, GORDON Person in psychology; AALP

HORNEY, KAREN Neurotic personality of our time HORN

JUNG, C G Development of personality JUNG

JUNG, C G Integration of the personality JUNG-INTE

MEIER, C A Personality; individuation process in light of C G Jung's typology. Tr. from MEIE


SAMUELS, ANDREW Plural psyche; personality, morality and the father SAMU

STORR, ANTHONY Integrity of the personality STOR

Personality types See Typology


SCHACHTER, MERI ed Psychotherapy and medication; a dynamic integration SCHA


BROOKE, ROGER Jung and phenomenology BROO

JUNG, C G Aion; researches into the phenomenlogy of the self JUNG

LEVIN, DAVID M Listening self; personal growth, social change ... G100 LEVI

VAN DER LEEU, G Religion in essence and manifestion; a study in phenomenology G200 VAND

VANDENBERG, DONALD Being and education; an essay in existential phenomenology G300 VAND


ATWOOD, M A Hermetic philosophy and alchemy Rev. ed. ATW

RADHAKRISHNAN, S & Concept of man; a study in comparative philosophy G100 RADH

SHUTTE, AUGUSTINE Philosophy for Africa G100 SHUT sa

THALHEIMER, ALVIN Existential metaphysics G100 THAL

TILLICH, PAUL Courage to be G100 TILL

Philosophy, Greek

EDINGER, EDWARD Psyche in antiquity. Book 1. Early Greek philosophy EDIN

GUTHRIE, W K C History of Greek philosophy v. 1 The earlier pre-Socratics and Pythagoreans G100 GUTH

LONG, A A Hellenistic philosophy; stoics, epicureans, sceptics G100 LONG

LUCRETIUS On the nature of things. Bound with Epictetus: Discourses; Marcus Aurelius: G100 LUCR


CAPRA, FRITJOF Tao of physics.. parallels between modern physics and Eastern mysticism CAPR

JUNG C G and PAULI Atom and archetype; Pauli/Jung letters JUNG

PSYCHOLOGICAL 1994 journal

VON FRANZ, MARIE-LOUISE Number and time; reflections leading towards a unification of psychology and VONF

WILBER, KEN editor Holographic paradigm and other paradoxes; exploring the leading edge of WILB

Piaget, Jean

GINSBURG, HERBERT and S. Piaget's theory of intellectual developments; an introduction GINS


PARABOLA v 21 no 4. Play and work journal

WINNICOTT, D W Playing and reality WINN


CZUCZKA, GEORGE Imprints of the future: politics and individuation in our time CZUC

DAVID, JULIAN Jung and politics Audio A6-10

FROMM, ERICH Escape from freedom FROM

FROMM, ERICH Fear of freedom FROM

SAMUELS, ANDREW Politics on the couch; citizenship & the internal life SAMU

Popper, Karl



APPIGNANESI, LISA editor Postmodernism. ICA documents G100 APPI

GRIFFIN, DAVID God and religion in the postmodern world; essays in postmodern theology G200 GRIF


MBITI, JOHN Prayers of African religion MBITsa

PARABOLA v 24 no 2. Summer 1999. Prayer and meditation journal

ULANOV, BARRY Primary speech; a psychology of prayer ULAN

VON SCHACH, ANNELIESE Lord's prayer Audio 129


ALBERT, JEAN Way of looking at prejudice. Thesis ALBE

ALLPORT, GORDON Nature of prejudice ALLP

Primal therapy

JANOV, A. Primal revolution JANO

Primitive man

ALDRICH, CHARLES Primitive mind and modern civilisation (Foreword C G Jung) G200 ALDR

RADIN, PAUL Primitive religion, its nature and origin RADI

RADIN, PAUL World of primitive man. RADI


VON FRANZ, MARIE-LOUISE Projection & recollection in Jungian psychology VONF


KIRSH, JAMES Reluctant prophet (Rabbi Hile Wechsler) KIRS

PARABOLA v 21 no 1. Prophets and prophecy journal

STEVENS, ANTHONY Prophets, cults & madness STEV

Psyche, soul

BISHOP, PETER Greening of psychology; the vegetable world in myth, dream and healing BISH

BROOKE, ROGER Reflections on Jung's meaning of psyche Audio A57


CORBETT, LIONEL Religious function of the psyche CORB

DAVID, JULIAN Hermes: the dual psyche Audio A59

DAVID, JULIAN Metaphor as the language of the psyche Audio 111

EDINGER, EDWARD Psyche in antiquity. Book 1. Early Greek philosophy EDIN

HANNAH, BARBARA Encounters with the soul; active imagination as developed by C G Jung HANN

JAFFE, LAWRENCE Celebrating soul; preparing for the new religion JAFF

JUNG, C G On the nature of the psyche JUNG

MOORE, THOMAS Soul life Audio 75

PARABOLA v 21 no 2. The soul journal

PSYCHOLOGICAL 1993 journal

ROHDE, ERWIN Psyche; the cult of souls and belief in immortality among the Greeks ROHD

ROSE, NICHOLAS Governing the soul; the shaping of the private self ROSE

SCHWARTZ-SALANT, N & Gender and soul in psychotherapy SCHW

SLIKER, GRETCHEN Multiple mind; healing the split in psyche and world SLIK

SPRING periodical Dynamic aspects of the psyche; selections from past springs SPRI

ULANOV, ANN Wisdom of the psyche ULAN

ULANOV, ANN & BARRY Healing imagination; the meeting of psyche and soul ULAN


Psychiatrists See Therapists


BHUGRA, D. Ed. Psychiatry and religion; context, consensus and controversies BHUG

GILLIS, LYNN Guidelines in psychiatry GILL

COLES, ROBERT Mind's fate; a psychiatrist looks at his profession COLE


STEVENS, ANTHONY Evolutionary psychiatry STEV

SULLIVAN, HARRY S Psychiatric interview SULL

SZASZ, THOMAS Ideology and insanity; essays on the psychiatric dehumanization of man G100 SZAS

SZASZ, THOMAS Myth of mental illness; foundation of a theory of personal conduct SZAS

TONGE, W L Mending of minds psychiatric illness ... guide for families & patients G100 TONG


DEVEREUX, George. Editor Psychoanalysis and the occult DEVE

FAIRBAIRN, W Psychoanalytic studies of the personality FAIR

FROMM, ERICH  Crisis of psychoanalysis    FROM

GRODDECK, GEORG Book of the it G100 GROD

GRODDECK, GEORG Exploring the unconscious G100 GROD

GRODDECK, GEORG Unknown self G100 GROD

GUNTRIP, HARRY Personality structure and human interaction GUNT

HORNEY, KAREN New ways in psychoanalysis HORN

KLEIN, MELANIE editor New directions in psychoanalysis ... KLEI

LINDNER, ROBERT editor Exploration in psychoanalysis; essays in honor of Theodor Reik ... LIND

MC DOUGALL, JOYCE Theatres of the mind; illusion & truth… MCDO

MILNER, MARION Suppressed madness in sane men; forty-four years of exploring psychoanalysis MILN

OGDEN, THOMAS Reverie & interpretation; sensing something human OGDE

PFISTER, OSKAR Some applications of psychoanalysis PFIS

ROSENFELD, HERBERT Psychotic states; a psycho-analytical approach ROSE

SAYERS, JANET Mothering psychoanalysis. Helene Deutsch, Karen Horney, Anna Freud and SAYE

SUTHERLAND, JOHN D editor Psychoanalysis and contemporary thought SUTH

SYMINGTON, NEVILLE Analytic experience; letters from Tavistock SYMI

WINNICOTT, D W Collected papers WINN

Psychology, outlines

KRUGER, DREYER First encounter with psychology 2 ed. KRUG


GUGGENBUHL-CRAIG, A Emptied soul…the psychopath Audio A66

GUGGENBUHL-CRAIG, Eros on crutches; reflections on psychopathy and amorality GUGG

MAGID, KEN and McKELVEY, High risk; children without a conscience MAGI


BUCKLEY, PETER ed Essential papers on psychosis BUCK

FEDERN, PAUL Ego psychology and the psychoses FEDE

JAMISON, KAY An unquiet mind JAMI

JAMISON, KAY Touched with fire; maniac-depressive illness & the artistic temperament JAMI

JUNG, C G Psychogenesis of mental illness JUNG

LAING, R D Divided self; a study of sanity and madness LAIN

LAING, R D Divided self; an existential study in sanity and madness LAIN

LAING, R D Politics of experience and bird of paradise LAIN

PERRY, JOHN Self in psychotic process PERR

ROSENFELD, DAVID Psychotic; aspects of the personality ROSE

ROSENFELD, HERBERT Impasse and interpretation; therapeutic and anti-therapeutic factors .. ROSE

ROSENFELD, HERBERT Psychotic states; a psycho-analytical approach ROSE

STEVENS, ANTHONY Prophets, cults & madness STEV

Psychosis See also Schizophrenia

Psychosomatic illness See Body therapy

Psychotherapy See Therapy


HILLMAN, JAMES editor Puer papers HILL

VON FRANZ, MARIE-LOUISE Problem of the Puer Aeternus. 3 ed. VONF

VON FRANZ, MARIE-LOUISE Puer aeternus (2nd edition) VONF

VON FRANZ, MARIE-LOUISE Puer aeternus (1st edition). Twelve lectures - copy 3 VONF

YEOMAN, ANN Now or never… YEOM


Qabala See Kabbalah


WALLIS, JACK Jung and the Quaker way WALL