Laing, R.D.

MULLAN, ROB ed R D Laing; creative destroyer MULL


KULKARNI, CLAUDETTE Lesbians & lesbianism; a post-Jungian perspective KULK


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KOLTUV, B Women & the feminine KOLT


SCHWARTZ-SALANT, N & Liminality and transitional phenomena SCHW


KITTELSON, MARY Sounding the soul; listening to the psyche KITT

LEVIN, DAVID M Listening self; personal growth, social change ... G100 LEVI

OGDEN, THOMAS Reverie & interpretation; sensing something human OGDE

Literature, drama

ARNOTT, PETER Introduction to the Greek theatre G800 ARNO

DAVID, JULIAN Bacchae Audio 85

DAVID, JULIAN Bacchae of Euripides; a very modern play Pam DAVI

EDINGER, EDWARD Psyche on stage; individuation motifs in Shakespeare… EDIN

FAIRHEAD, BARBARA Word & bead; the presentation of a journey G700 FAIR sa

HILLMAN, JAMES Healing fiction HILL

HOLT, DAVID Theatre and behaviour; Hawkwood papers 1979 - 1986 HOLT

JENKYNS, M. Play's the thing; exploring text in drama… JENK

JUNG, C G Spirit in man, art and literature JUNG

KIRSCH, JAMES Shakespeare's royal self KIRS

MARTIN, P W Experiment in depth;a study of the work of Jung, Eliot & Toynbee MART

ROGERS-GARDNER, Jung and Shakespeare: Hamlet, Othello and The Tempest ROGE

SHARP, DARYL Secret raven; conflict and transformation in the life of Franz Kafka SHAR

SINGER, JUNE Unholy bible; Blake, Jung and the collective unconscious SING

SNIDER, CLIFTON Stuff that dreams are made on; a Jungian interpretation of literature SNID

STANFORD, W.B. Ulysses theme; adapability of a traditional hero STAN

SPRING periodical Collective unconscious in literature; selections from past springs SPRI

VAN MEURS, JOS Jungian literary criticism 1920-1980; an annotated critical bibliography R VANM

Love, eros

BAKER, CAROLYN Reclaiming the dark feminine; the price of desire BAKE

CAROTENUTO, ALDO To love to betray; life as betrayal CARO

DE ROUGEMONT, DENIS Love in the Western world. Revised and augmented edition DERO

FIERZ-DAVID, LINDA Dream of Poliphilo. Related and interpreted FIER

FROMM, ERICH Art of loving FROM


HARMS, VALERIE, Inner lover   HARM

HAULE, JOHN Pilgrimage of the heart HAUL

JOHNSON, ROBERT Psychology of romantic love. JOHN

MOORE, THOMAS Soul mates; honouring the mysteries of love …MOOR

PARABOLA v 20 no 4. Eros journal

STEIN, ROBERT Love, sex and marriage STEI


Madness See Psychosis


BRONOWSKI, J. Magic, science and civilisation G110 BRON

EVANS-PRITCHARD, E Witchcraft, oracles & magic among the Azande G500 EVAN

GONZALEZ-WIPPLER, M Complete book of amulets and talismans R GONZ

HOLLAND, HEIDI African magic; traditional ideas that heal a continent … HOLL

LELAND, CHARLES Etruscan magic & occult remedies LELA

LELAND, CHARLES Etruscan magic and occult remedies LELA

LELAND, CHARLES Gypsy sorcery and fortune-telling LELA

LISSNER, IVAR, Man, God and magic     G200 LISS

MALINOWSKI, B Magic, science and religion, and other essays G500 MALI

SMITH, MORTON Jesus the magician G200 SMIT


CUNNINGHAM, BAILEY,  Mandala; a journey to the centre  CUNN

Marriage See Relationships, marriage

Masochism See Sadism, masochism


FRANKL, VICTOR E Doctor and the soul G100 FRAN

FRANKL, VIKTOR E Man's search for meaning; an introduction to logotherapy. Rev. ed G100 FRAN

FRANKL, VIKTOR E Will to meaning; foundations and applications of logotherapy. G100 FRAN

MORGAN, JOHN From Freud to Frankl; our modern search for personal meaning MORG

PARABOLA v 22 no 4. Miracles journal

PETERSON, JORDAN Maps of meaning; the architecture of belief PETE

Media See Television


JOHNSTON, WILLIAM Silent music; the science of meditation G200 JOHN

KAMPF, HAROLD In search of serenity; a guide to successful meditation G200 KAMP

NAIRN, ROB Diamond mind; psychology of meditation NAIR

ODAJNYK, V W Gathering the light; a psychology of meditation ODAJ

PARABOLA v 24 no 2. Summer 1999. Prayer and meditation journal

PROGOFF, IRA White-robed monk; a cycle of process meditation G200 PROG


PARABOLA v 11 no 4. Memory and forgetting. journal


BLY, ROBERT Iron John; a book about men BLY

BLY, ROBERT & M. Maiden king; the reunion of masculine & feminine BLY

BOLEN, JEAN S Gods in everyman; a new psychology of men's lives and loves BOLE

CHINEN, ALLAN Beyond the hero; classic stories of men in search of soul CHIN

CLARE, ANTHONY On men; masculinity in crisis CLAR

FOSSUM, MERLE Catching fire; men's renewal and recovery through crisis FOSS

GURIAN, MICHAEL Mothers, sons and lovers… GURI

HARRIS, C T B Emasculation of the unicorn; the loss and rebuilding of masculinity in America HARR

HOPCKE, ROBERT Men's dreams, men's healing HOPC

HUDSON, LIAM Way men think; intellect, intimacy & the erotic imagination HUDS

JACKSON, GRAHAM Living room mysteries; (Patterns of male intimacy. Book 2) JACK

JACKSON, GRAHAM Secret love of gardening; (Patterns of male intimacy. Book 1.) JACK

JOHNSON, ROBERT He; understanding masculine psychology JOHN

JOHNSON, ROBERT Lying with the heavenly woman; understanding & integrating feminine JOHN

JOHNSON, ROBERT Transformation; understanding the three levels of masculine consciousness JOHN

JUNG, C G Aspects of the masculine (editor John Beebe) JUNG

KEEN, SAM Fire in the belly; on being a man KEEN

MATTHEWS, JOHN ed Choirs of the god; revisioning masculinity MATT

MONICK, EUGENE Castration and male rage; the phallic wound MONI

MONICK, EUGENE Phallos; sacred image of the masculine MONI

MOORE, ROBERT and King, warrior, magician, lover; rediscovering the archetypes MOOR

PEDERSEN, LOREN Dark hearts; the unconscious forces that shape men's lives PEDE

PEDERSEN, LOREN Sixteen men; understanding masculine personality type PEDE

PSYCHOLOGICAL 1992 journal

ROWAN, JOHN Healing the male psyche; therapy as initiation ROWA

SAMUELS, ANDREW ed Father; contemporary Jungian perspectives SAMU

TACEY, DAVID Masculinity, change and healing Pam TACE

TACEY, DAVID Remaking men: Jung, spirituality and social change TACE

TATHAM, PETER Making of maleness; men, women and the flight of Daedalus THAT


WYLY, JAMES Phallic quest; priapus and masculine inflation - copy 3 WYLY

YOUNG-EISENDRATH, Gender & desire; uncursing Pandora YOUN

Men See also Father, Homosexuality

Menopause, middle-age

BROWN, JUDITH and others In her prime; a new view of middle-aged women BROW

MANKOWITZ, ANN Change of life; a psychological study of dreams and the menopause MANK


BEGG. EAN and DEIKE RICH On the trail of Merlin; a guide to the Celtic mystery tradition BEGG



DAVID, JULIAN Metaphor as the language of the psyche Audio 111


BREWI, JANICE Mid-life spirituality & Jungian archetypes BREW

BOMHOLT, URSULA Midlife; noonday devil Audio 127

HOLLIS, JAMES Middle passage; from misery to meaning in midlife HOLL

KAST, VERENA Sisyphus; ... a Jungian approach to midlife crisis KAST

O'CONNOR, PETER Understanding the mid-life crisis OCON

QUADRANT 25, 1992 journal

SHARP, DARYL Dear Gladys; the survival papers Book 2 SHAR

SHARP, DARYL Survival papers; anatomy of a midlife crisis - copy 2 SHAR

VICKERS-WILLIS, ROBYN Navigating midlife: women becoming themselves   VICK


VERMASEREM, M J Mithras, the secret god G200 VERM

Moby Dick

EDINGER, EDWARD Melville's Moby-Dick; an American Nekyia EDIN


DE WAAL, FRANK Good natured: origins of right and wrong in humans … DEWA

HARKNESS, GEORGIA Sources of Western morality G100 HARK

HEMMING, JAMES Individual morality G100 HEMM

KITWOOD, TOM Concern for others; a new psychology of conscience and morality KITW

SAMUELS, ANDREW Plural psyche; personality, morality and the father SAMU

STEIN, MURRAY Solar conscience, lunar conscience STEI


AMES, FRANCES Mothering in an apartheid society G300 AMES sa

BIRKHAUSER-OERI, Mother; archetypal image in fairy tales BIRK

BRIFFAULT, ROBERT Mothers; study of the origins of sentiments and institutions (In three volumes) G500 BRIF

CARLSON, KATHIE In her image; the unhealed daughter's search for her mother CARL

HARDING, M. ESTHER Parental image; its injury and reconstruction HARD

KAST, VERENA Father-daughter, mother-son; freeing ourselves from the complexes that bind us KAST

MOTHER/FATHER Mother/ father. Editor Harry Wilmer MOTH

NEUMANN, ERICH Great mother; an analysis of the archetype. Translated from German NEUM

OLIVIER, CHRISTINE Jocasta's children; the imprint of the mother OLIV

SPRING 1998. Mother and the kids. journal

Mother See also Women & the feminine


LICHTENBERG, JOSEPH and Self and motivational systems; towards a theory of psychoanalytic technique LICH

MASLOW, ABRAHAM H Motivation and personality. 2 ed MASL

Mourning See Grief

Multicultural studies

ADAMS, MICHAEL Multicultural imagination; 'race', color and the unconscious ADAM


HENDERSON, HELEN Self in motion Audio 122

HENDERSON, HELEN Sounds emanating from the Self Audio 74

HENDERSON, HELEN Sounds emanating from the Self Audio A74

KITTELSON, MARY Sounding the soul; listening to the psyche KITT

SCHWARTZ, DAVID  Listening subjects; music, psychoanalysis, culture   SCHW

STORR, ANTHONY Music and the mind STOR


BURKERT, WALTER Ancient mystery cults. The Jackson lectures. BURK

ERANOS Mysteries; papers from the Eranos year books ERAN

JAMES, P & NICK THORPE Ancient mysteries G500 JAME

KERENYI, C Eleusis; archetypal image of mother and daughter KERE


ALLEN, WARNER Uncurtained throne G100 ALLE

HARVEY, ANDREW Teachings of the Christian mystics HARV

HAULE, JOHN Perils of the soul; ancient wisdom & the New Age HAUL

HOPKINS, EMMA High mysticism ... 12 studies in the wisdom of the sages of the ages G200 HOPK

JOHNSON, RAYNOR Imprisoned splendour G200 JOHN

JOHNSON, RAYNOR Light and the gate G200 JOHN

JOHNSON, RAYNOR Nurslings of immortality G200 JOHN

JOHNSON, RAYNOR Watcher on the hills G200 JOHN

JOHNSTON, WILLIAM Inner eye of love; mysticism and religion G200 JOHN

LE SHAN, L. Medium, the mystic and the physicist G100 LESH


THURSTON, HERBERT Physical phenomena of mysticism G200 THUR

UNDERHILL, EVELYN Concerning the Inner Life with The house of the soul G100 UNDE


WALKER, KENNETH Conscious mind; a commentary on the mystics WALK

WHITEMAN, JOHN Meaning of life; the mystical world View and inner contest. Volume 1. WHIT




ADAMS, MICHAEL Mythical unconscious ADAM

ASIMOV, ISAAC Words from the myths ASIM

BACHOFEN, J Myth, religion, and mother right; selected writings BACH

BARING, ANNE and Myth of the goddess; evolution of an image BARI

BEGG. EAN Myth and today's consciousness BEGG

BEOWULF Beowulf. Translated by K.Crossley-Holland. FM BEOW

BIERLEIN, J F Parallel myths BIER


BONNEFOY, YVES American, African and Old European mythologies R BONN

BREWER'S BOOK Brewer's books of myth and legend R BREW

BRYANT, PAGE Native American mythology R BRYA

BURLAND, C.A. Myths of life and death BURL

CALASSO, ROBERTO Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony CALA

CAMPBELL, JOSEPH Hero with a thousand faces CAMP

CAMPBELL, JOSEPH Inner reaches of outer space… CAMP

CAMPBELL, JOSEPH Inward journey Audio 89

CAMPBELL, JOSEPH Joseph Campbell companion… CAMP

CAMPBELL, JOSEPH Masks of God: Creative mythology CAMP

CAMPBELL, JOSEPH Masks of God: occidental mythology CAMP

CAMPBELL, JOSEPH Masks of God: oriental mythology CAMP

CAMPBELL, JOSEPH Masks of God: primitive mythology CAMP


CAMPBELL, JOSEPH Mythical dimensions; selected essays CAMP

CAMPBELL, JOSEPH Mythology & the individual Audio 94

CAMPBELL, JOSEPH Myths to live by CAMP

CAMPBELL, JOSEPH Myths, dreams and religion CAMP

CAMPBELL, JOSEPH Power of myth Audio 68

CAMPBELL, JOSEPH Power of myth, with Bill Moyers CAMP

CAMPBELL, JOSEPH Renewal myths and rites of the primitive hunters and planters (Eranos lecture 9) CAMP

CAMPBELL, JOSEPH Sacrifice. Part I of v. 2 of Historical atlas of the world CAMP

CAMPBELL, JOSEPH Way of the myth. Fraser Boa talking with Joseph Campbell CAMP

COTTERELL, A Dictionary of world mythology R COTT

DAVID, JULIAN Myth and reality Audio A14-17

DAVIDSON, H R ELLIS Gods and myths of Northern Europe DAVI

DIBBLEY, DALE C From Achilles' heel to Zeus's shield; [a guide to words and phrases of R DIBB

EDINGER, EDWARD Eternal drama; the inner meaning of Greek mythology EDIN

ELIADE, MIRCEA Myth of the eternal return, or, Cosmos and history ELIA

ELIADE, MIRCEA Myths, dreams & mysteries; .. contemporary faiths & archaic realities ELIA

ELIADE, MIRCEA Patterns in comparative religion ELIA

ELIADE, MIRCEA Sacred and the profane; the nature of religion ELIA

ELLWOOD, ROBERT Politics of myth ELLW

FRAZER, JAMES Golden bough. 13 volumes FRAZ

FRAZER, JAMES Golden bough. Abridged edition FRAZ

FREUND, PHILIP Myths of creation FREU

FROMM, ERICH Forgotten language; an introduction to the understanding of dreams ... FROM

GARDNER, ROBERT Rainbow serpent; bridge to consciousness GARD

GIMBUTAS, MARIJA Gods and goddesses of old Europe, 7000 - 3500 BC GIMB

GRAVES, ROBERT Greek myths, Volume 1 GRAV

GRAVES, ROBERT Greek myths, Volume 2 GRAV

GRAVES, ROBERT White goddess; a historical grammar of poetic myth - copy 1 GRAV

GRAVES, ROBERT White goddess; a historical grammar of poetic myth - copy 2 GRAV

GUGGENBUHL-CRAIG, Old fool & the corruption of myth GUGG

HENDERSON, JOSEPH and Wisdom of the serpent; the myths of death, rebirth and resurrection HEND

HIGHWATER, J. Myth and sexuality HIGH

HILLMAN, JAMES Healing fiction HILL

HOLLIS, JAMES Tracking the gods; the place of myth in modern life HOLL

JOHNSON, ROBERT Psychology of romantic love. JOHN

JONES, ERNEST On the nightmare JONE

JORDAN, MICHAEL Myths of the world; a thematic encyclopedia R JORD

JUNG, C G Essays on science of mythology; essays on the myth of the divine child and the JUNG

JUNG, C G Jung on mythology JUNG

KAPP, BETTINA Manna & mystery; Jungian approach to Hebrew myth KAPP

KAWAI, HAYAO Dreams, myths and fairy tales in Japan KAWA

LANG, ANDREW Myth, ritual and religion, 2 Volumes. G200 LANG

LEWIS, C.S. Till we have faces; a myth retold. LEWI

LONG, CHARLES Alpha; the myths of creation LONG


MALINOWSKI, BRONISLAW Sex, culture and myth G500 MALI

MAY, ROLLO Cry for myth MAY

METZNER, RALPH Well of remembrance; rediscoverying the earth wisdom myths of Northern METZ

MYTH ASSOCIATION Myth and interdisciplinary studies MYTH

PERRY, JOHN Heart of history; individuation in evolution PERR

REES, ALWYN Celtic heritage; ancient tradition in Ireland and Wales REES

REIK, THEODOR Myth and guilt; the crime and punishment of mankind REIK


SPENCE, LEWIS Myth & ritual in dance, game & rhyme SPEN

THOMPSON, WILLIAM I Time falling bodies take to light: mythology, sexuality and the origins of culture THOM

TIGUE, JOHN Transformation in myth; integrating the thought of Jung and Campbell TIGU

WATERS, FRANK Masked gods; Navaho and Pueblo ceremonialism WATE

WATTS, ALAN Two hands of god; the myths of polarity WATT

WESTMAN, HEINZ Structure of biblical myths; the ontogenesis of the psyche WEST

WOOLGER, JENNIFER and Goddess within; a guide to the eternal myths that shape women's lives WOOL

YOUNG, DUDLEY Origins of the sacred; the ecstasies of love and war YOUN

Myth See also Gods & Goddesses

Myth See also Heroes

Myth See also Mysteries

Myth See also Religion

Myth, Africa

KNAPPERT, JAN Aquarian guide to African mythology R KNAP

SCHEUB, HAROLD Dictionary of African mythology… R SCHE

Myth, Asia


Myth, South Africa

MYTH ASSOCIATION Myth and interdisciplinary studies MYTHsa