Jealousy See Envy

Job, Book of

EDINGER, EDWARD Encounter with the Self;Jungian commentary on Blake's "Illustrations.." EDIN

EDINGER, EDWARD Transformation of the god-image; elucidation of Jung's Answer to Job EDIN

GRAY, ETHNE Jung's answer to Job Audio 126

JUNG, C G Answer to Job JUNG


JOHNSON, ROBERT & J. Ruhl Contentment JOHN

KAST, VERENA Joy, inspiration and hope KAST


BAKAN, DAVID Sigmund Freud and the Jewish mystical tradtion BAKA

BUBER, MARTIN Tales of the Hasidim G200 BUBE

COVITZ, JOEL Visions in the night; Jungian & ancient dream interpretation COVI

DREIFUSS, GUSTAV Papers 1965 - 1984 and 1986 - 1988 DREI

GOLDSTEIN, DAVID Jewish folklore and legend FM GOLD

KAPP, BETINNA Manna & mystery; a Jungian approach to Hebrew myth KNAP

KIRSH, JAMES Reluctant prophet (Rabbi Hile Wechsler) KIRS

KLUGER, RIVKAH Psyche in scripture; the idea of the chosen people and other essays KLUG

KLUGER, YEHEZKEL A psychological interpretation of Ruth KLUG

MEIER, LEVI Jewish values in Jungian psychology MEIE

PLASKOW, JUDITH Standing again at Sinai; Judaism from a Feminist Perspective PLAS

QUISPEL, GILLES and Jewish and gnostic man. The birth of the child & Three types of Jewish piety - QUIS

SCHOLEM, GERSHOM On the Kabbalah and its symbolism SCHO

SCHONFIELD, HUGH Popular dictionary of Judaism G200 SCHO

SPIEGELMAN, J. ed A modern Jew in search of a soul SPIE

SPONG, JOHN S Liberating the gospels; reading the bible with Jewish eyes G200 SPON

TALMUD Talmud of Jerusalem (Selections) G200 TALM

WAITE, A E Holy Kabbalah; a study of the secret tradition in Israel ... G200 WAIT

ZBOROWSKI, M and Life is with people; the culture of the shtetl G500 ZBOR

Jung, biography and interpretation

ANTHONY, MAGGY Jung's circle of women; the Valkyries ANTH


BENNET, E A Meetings with Jung. Conversations ... 1946 - 1961 BENN

BROME, VINCENT Jung; man and myth BROM

CAROTENUTO, ALDO Secret symmetry: Sabina Spielrein between Jung and Freud CARO


COWARD, HAROLD Jung and Eastern thought COWA

DUNNE, CLAIRE Carl Jung: wounded healer of the soul DUNN

FORDHAM, MICHAEL ed Contact with Jung; essays on the influence of his work and personality FORD

HANNAH, BARBARA Jung, his life and work HANN

HOMANS, PETER Jung in context; modernity and the making of a psychology HOMA

HOMANS, PETER Jung in context; modernity & the making of psychology HOMA

JACOBI, JOLANDE Psychology of C G Jung JACO

JAFFE, ANIELA From the life and work of C G Jung. New expanded ed JAFF

KERR, JOHN A most dangerous method KERR


REID, JANE Jung, my mother and I… REID

SEGALLER, STEPHEN and Wisdom of the dream; the world of C G Jung SEGA

SERRANO, MIGUEL C G Jung and Herman Hesse; a record of two friendships SERA

SHAMDASANI, S. Cult fictions SHAM

SHARP, DARYL Living Jung; the good and the better SHAR




VAN DER POST, LAURENS Jung and the story of our time VAND

VON FRANZ, MARIE-LOUISE C G Jung; his myth in our time VONF

WEAVER, RIX Spinning on dream thread; Hermann Hesse: life and work WEAV

WEHR, GERHARD Illustrated biography of C G Jung WEHR

WEHR, GERHARD Jung; a biography WEHR

WILSON, COLIN C G Jung, lord of the underworld WILS

Jung, letters

JUNG, C G Freud/Jung letters JUNG

JUNG, C G Letters ... v. 1 1906-1950 JUNG

JUNG, C G Letters ... v.2 1951-61 JUNG

JUNG, C G Selected letters, 1909-1961 ... edited by Gerhard Adler JUNG

Jung/Freud commentary

Freud and Jung… Pam FREU

Jungian psychology, outlines, essays

ADLER, GERHARD Studies in analytical psychology ADLE

ALISTER, IAN ed Contemporary post-Jungian persepctives from the Society of Analytical ALIS

ASPER, KATHRINE Abandoned child within; on losing and regaining self-worth ASPE

ASTOR, J Michael Fordham; innovations in analytical psychology ASTO

BAYNES, H G Analytical psychology and the English mind and other papers. Foreword by C G BAYN

BERTINE, ELEANOR Jung's contribution to our time BERT

CAMBRIDGE COMPANION Cambridge Companion to Jung CAMB

CASEMENT, ANN Post-Jungians today: key papers in contemporary analytical psychology CASE

CHRISTOPHER, E. editor Jungian thought in the modern world CHRI

CLARKE, J J In search of Jung; historical and philosophical enquiries CLAR

CONRADIE, GUSTAV Pioneer of inner space; the religious legacy of C G Jung CONR

COX, DAVID Teach yourself analytical psychology; how the mind works COX

DANIELS, MICHAEL Self-discovery the Jungian way; the watchword technique DANI

DIECKMANN, HANS Methods in analytical psychology; an introduction DIEC

DRY, AVIS Psychology of Jung; a critical interpretation DRY

FIERZ, HEINRICH K Jungian psychiatry FIER

FORDHAM, FRIEDA Introduction to Jung's psychology FORD

FORDHAM, MICHAEL New developments in analytical psychology. Foreword by C G Jung FORD

FORDHAM, MICHAEL and Analytical psychology; a modern science FORD

FORMAINI, HEATHER comp Landmarks; papers by Jungian analysts in Australia FORM

FREY-ROHN, LILIANE From Freud to Jung;comparative study of the psychology of the unconscious FREY

FREY-WEHRLIN, C T Fundamentals of Jungian psychology. Outline of lectures FREY

GOLDBRUNNER, JOSEF Individuation; a study of the depth-psychology of Jung GOLD

GORDON, ROSEMARY Bridges; psychic structure, functions, and processes. GORD

HANNAH, BARBARA Cat, dog and horse lectures HANN

HANNAH, BARBARA Inner journey; lectures and essays on Jungian psychology HANN

HARDING, M ESTHER Psychic energy; its source and its transformation 2 ed HARD

HOMANS, PETER Jung in context; modernity & the making of psychology HOMA

HUMBERT, ELIE C G Jung; the fundamentals of theory and practice HUMB

JACOBI, JOLANDE Complex/archetype/symbol in the psychology of C G Jung JAFF

JAFFE, ANIELA Myth of meaning in the work of C G Jung (tr. by R F C Hull) - copy 3 JAFF

JAFFE, ANIELA Was C G Jung a mystic? and other essays JAFF

JUNG, C G Conversations with Carl Jung and reactions from Ernest Jones, by Richard I. JUNG

JUNG, C G Jung on elementary psychology; a discussion… JUNG

KIRSCH, THOMAS Jungians; a comparative & historical persepctive KIRS

LOCKHART, RUSSEL Psyche speaks; a Jungian approach to Self and World LOCK

MARTIN, P W Experiment in depth;a study of the work of Jung, Eliot & Toynbee MART

MATHERS, DALE Introduction to the meaning & purpose of analytical psychology MATH

MATTOON, MARY ANN Jungian psychology after Jung MATT

MIRRORS Mirrors of transformation; the self in relationships MIRR

NOLL, RICHARD Jung Cult; origins of a charismatic movement. NOLL

O'CONNOR, PETER Understanding Jung OCON

O'CONNOR, PETER Understanding the mid-life crisis OCON

PAPADOPOULOS, RENOS K Jung in modern perspective PAPA

PASCAL, EUGENE Jung to live by PASC

PLATANIA, JON    Jung for beginners   PLAT

PONCE, CHARLES Working the soul PONC

REDFEARN, J W My self, my many selves REDF

SAAYMAN, GRAHAM ed Modern S. Africa in search of a soul;Jungian perspectives on wilderness within SAAY

SAMUELS, ANDREW Jung and the post-Jungians SAMU

SAMUELS, ANDREW ed Psychopathology; contemporary Jungian perspectives SAMU

SHARP, DARYL Digesting Jung; food for the journey SHAR

SHARP, DARYL Jung lexicon; a primer of terms and concepts SHAR

SHARP, DARYL Jungian psychology unplugged SHAR

SINGER, JUNE Boundaries of the soul; the practice of Jung's psychology SING

SINGER, JUNE Love's energies SING

SMITH, CURTIS Jungs quest for wholeness SMIT

STEIN, MURRAY Jung's map of the soul; an introduction STEI

STEIN, MURRAY Practicing wholeness; analytical psychology and Jungian Thought. COPY 2. STEI

TACEY, DAVID Remaking men: Jung, spirituality and social change TACE

TUBY, MOLLY editor In the wake of Jung; a selection from HARVEST TUBY

ULANOV, ANN Functioning transcendent; a study in analytical psychology ULAN

VON DER HEYDT, VERA Prospects for the soul; soundings in Jungian psychology and religion VOND


WHITFIELD, CAROL Jungian myth and Advaita Vedanta WHIT

WHITMONT, EDWARD Symbolic quest; basic concepts of analytical psychology WHIT

WICKES, FRANCES Inner world of choice. WICK

WICKES, FRANCES Inner world of man. WICK

WILMER, HARRY Practical Jung; nuts and bolts of Jungian psychotherapy WILM

WILMER, HARRY Understandable Jung; the personal side of Jungian psychology WILM



FORTUNE, DION Mystical Qabalah FORT

HALEVI, Z'ER BEN SHIMON Tree of life; an introduction to the Cabala HALE

SCHOLEM, GERSHOM On the Kabbalah and its symbolism SCHO

WAITE, A E Holy Kabbalah; a study of the secret tradition in Israel ... G200 WAIT


BLEEK, W H I Reynard the fox in SA; Hottentot fables… G500 BLEEsa

HAHN, THEOPHILUS Tsuni-II Goam; the supreme being of the Khoi-Khoi G500 HAHNsa

KHOIKHOI AT THE CAPE Khoikhoi at the Cape of Good Hope: 17th C drawings in S A Library. Text by G916 KHOIsa


HARPER, RALPH Seventh solitude; ... Kierkegaard, Dostoevsky & Nietzsche G100 HARP

KIERKEGAARD, SOREN Kierkegaard. selected ... by W H Auden G100 KIER

Kings & rulers

PERRY, JOHN Lord of the four quarters: the mythology of kingship PERR


ANDERSON, ROBIN, editor Clinical lectures on Klein and Bion ANDE


STONEBRIDGE, LYNDSAY ed   Reading Melanie Klein   STON


SIEGEL, ALLEN Heinz Kohut and the psychology of the self SIEG