Fairy tales, folklore

KAST, VERENA Mermaid in the pond; an erotic fairy tale KAST

Fairy tales, folktales

BETTELHEIM, BRUNO Uses of enchantment; the meaning and importance of fairy tales BETT

BIRKHAUSER-OERI Mother; archetypal image in fairy tales BIRK

BRUN, BIRGITTE Symbols of the soul; therapy and guidance through fairy tales BRUN

DAVID, JULIAN Interweaving symbols of individuation in African & European fairy tales DAVI

DAVID, JULIAN Religion of the fairytale Audio A18

DIECKMANN, HANS Twice-told tales; the psychological use of fairy tales DIEC

GOSE, ELLIOT World of the Irish wonder tale; an introduction to .. fairy tales GOSE

JACOBY, MARIO Witches, ogres and the devil's daughter JACO

JOHNSON, ALLEN Oedipus ubiquitous; the family complex in world folk literture JOHN

KAST, VERENA Fairy tales for the psyche; Ali baba and the forty thieves and the myth of KAST

KAST, VERENA Folktales as therapyTranslated from German. KAST

KAST, VERENA Through emotions to maturity; psychological readings of fairy tales. Tr KAST

KAWAI, HAYAO Dreams, myths and fairy tales in Japan KAWA

KAWAI, HAYAO Japanese psyche; major motifs in the fairy tales of Japan KAWA

KRAPPE, ALEXANDER Science of Folklore KRAP

LUTHI, MAX Fairy tale as art form and portrait of man LUTH

LUTHI, MAX Once upon a time: on the nature of fairy tales LUTH

SEIFERT, THEODOR Snow White; life almost lost SEIF

STEIN, MURRAY and Psyche's stories; modern Jungian interpretations of fairy tales. 3 v. STEI

VAN RENSBURG, CAS Sprokie van Diana VANRsa

VON FRANZ, MARIE-LOUISE Archetypal patterns in fairy tales VONF

VON FRANZ, MARIE-LOUISE Feminine in fairy tales - Revised edition VONF

VON FRANZ, MARIE-LOUISE Individuation in fairy tales. Rev. ed VONF

VON FRANZ, MARIE-LOUISE Interpretation of fairy tales ... SEE Introduction to the interpretation ... VONF

VON FRANZ, MARIE-LOUISE Psychological meaning of redemption motifs in fairy tales VONF

VON FRANZ, MARIE-LOUISE Shadow and evil in fairy tales VONF

ZENANI, NONGENILE World and the word; tales and observations from the Xhosa oral tradition. Ed. G500 ZENA

Families & family therapy

BLY, ROBERT Sibling society BLY

DODSON, LAURA Psyche and family… DODS

JOHNSON, ALLEN and Oedipus ubiquitous; the family complex in world folk literture JOHN

LAING, R D Politics of the family and other essays LAIN

PAPADOPOULOS, R. and Multiple voices; narrative in systematic family psychotherapy PAPA

WINNICOTT, D W Family and individual development WINN

WINNICOTT, D.W. Child and the family; first relationships WINN


COLMAN, ARTHUR and Father; mythology and changing roles COLM

CORNEAU, GUY Absent fathers, lost sons; the search for masculine identity CORN

HARDING, M. ESTHER Parental image; its injury and reconstruction HARD

KAST, VERENA Father- daughter, mother-son KAST

LEONARD, LINDA Wounded woman; healing the father-daughter relationship LEON

MOTHER/FATHER Mother/father. Editor Wilmer, H. MOTH

PIRANI, ALIX Absent father; crisis and creativity. The myth of Danae & Perseus in the 20th PIRA

SAMUELS, ANDREW Plural psyche; personality, morality and the father SAMU

SAMUELS, ANDREW ed Father; contemporary Jungian perspectives SAMU

VERNEY, THOMAS Gifts of our fathers VERN

ZOJA, LUIGI Father Audio A61


EDINGER, EDWARD Goethe's "Faust"; notes for a Jungian commentary EDIN


PARABOLA v 23 no 3 August 1998 journal

Feeling function

JOHNSON, ROBERT Fisher king & the handless maiden; understanding the wounded feeling function JOHN


Field in analysis

STEIN, MURRAY ed Interactive field in analysis. . STEI

Folk tales See Fairy tales, folk tales


JACKSON, EVE Food and transformation; imagery and symbolism of eating JACK

Fordham, Michael

ASTOR, J Michael Fordham; Innovations in Analytical Psychology ASTO


PARABOLA v 12 no 3. Forgiveness journal

Freud & Freudians

BAKAN, DAVID Sigmund Freud and the Jewish mystical tradtion BAKA

BETTELHEIM, BRUNO Freud and man's soul BETT

BROWN, J Freud and the post-Freudians BROW

FREUD, MARTIN Glory reflected; Sigmund Freud - man and father G100 FREU

FREUD, SIGMUND Five lectures on psycho-analysis FREU

FREUD, SIGMUND General introduction to psychoanalysis; a course of 28 lectures ... FREU

GALDSTON, IAGO Freud and contemporary culture GALD

GAY, PETER ed Sigmund Freud and art    GAY

HALL, CALVIN Primer of Freudian psychology HALL

JAHODA, MARIE Freud and the dilemmas of psychology JAHO

JUNG, C G Freud/Jung letters JUNG

KLINE, MILTON Freud and hypnosis; the interaction of psychodynamics and hypnosis KLIN

MILLER, JONATHAN editor Freud; the man, his world, his influence MILL

PALMER, MICHAEL Freud and Jung on religion PALM

RIEFF, PHILIP Freud, the mind of the moralist RIEF

SAYERS, JANET Mothering psychoanalysis. Helene Deutsch, Karen Horney, Anna Freud and SAYE

STAFFORD-CLARK, D. What Freud really said. STAF

WEBSTER, RICHARD Why Freud was wrong; sin science and psychoanalysis WEBS