PARIS, G. Sacrament of abortion PARI

SAVAGE, JUDITH. Mourning unlived lives; a psychological study of childbearing losses. SAVA

ZOJA, EVA. Abortion; loss and renewal in the search for identity. ZOJA


DREIFUSS, G and RIEMER, J. Abraham, the man and the symbol; a Jungian interpretation of the biblical story. DREI

Active imagination

HANNAH, BARBARA Encounters with the soul; active imagination as developed by C G Jung HANN

JOHNSON, ROBERT. Inner work; using dreams and active imagination for personal growth JOHN

JUNG, C G. Jung on active imagination. Editor Joan Chodorow JUNG

MARJULA, ANNA. Healing influence of active imagination in specific case of neurosis MARJ

MIDDELKOOP, PIETER Wise old man; healing through inner images MIDD

SINGER, JEROME Imagery and daydream methods in psychotherapy and behaviour modification SING

VON FRANZ, MARIE-LOUISE Alchemical active imagination VONF

WATKINS, MARY Waking dreams 3 ed.WATK

WEAVER, RIX Old wise woman; a study of active imagination WEAV


DAVID, JULIAN Roots of addiction Audio A25

HOLLIS, JAMES Swamplands of the soul HOLL

LEONARD, LINDAWitness to the fire; creativity and the veil of addiction LEON


VELLEMAN, RICHARD Counselling for alcohol problems VELL

ZOJA, LUIGI Drugs, addiction & initiation; the modern search for ritual ZOJA


FRANKEL, RICHARD Adolescent psyche…FRAN

KIEPENHEUER, KASPAR Crossing the bridge; a Jungian approach to adolescence KIEP

MAHDI, LOUISE ed Betwixt and between…MAHD

MAHDI, LOUISE ed Crossroads; quest for contemporary rites of passage MAHD

MATERIA PRIMA JOURNAL Workshop of analytical pyschology…Pam MATE

SHORTER, BANI Image darkly forming, women and initiation SHORT


British Association of Family secrets Pam BPA


LORENZ, KONRAD On aggression G500 LORE

ODERMATT, MARTIN Aggression in the analytical relationship Audio 104

REDFEARN, JOSEPH Exploding self; the creative and destructive nucleus of the personality REDF

Aggression See also Violence


GUGGENBUHL-CRAIG, Old fool & the corruption of myth GUGG

HILLMAN, JAMES Force of character & lasting life HILL

HILLMAN, JAMES Force of character & the lasting life H ILL

HOLLIS, JAMES Creating a life; finding your individual path HOLL

LUKE, HELEN M Old age. Introduction by Barbara A Mowat LUKE

ORBACH, ANN Not too late; psychotherapy and aging ORBA

PRETAT, JANE Coming to age; the croning years and late-life transformation PRET


ALCHEMY Alchemy; the art of knowing medieval wisdom ALCH

ALCHEMY PhD theses on alchemy Pam ALCH

ATWOOD, M A Hermetic philosophy and alchemy Rev. ed. ATW

AURORA CONSURGENS Aurora consurgens; …attributed to Thomas Aquinas AURO

DE ROLA, STANISLAS Alchemy, the secret art DERO

EDINGER, EDWARD Anatomy of the psyche; alchemical symbolism in psychotherapy EDIN

EDINGER, EDWARD Mysterium lectures; a journey through C.G. Jung's Mysterium Coniunctionis. EDIN

EDINGER, EDWARD Mystery of the coniunctio; alchemical image of individuation. Lectures EDIN

FIERZ-DAVID, LINDA Dream of Poliphilo.Related and interpreted FIER

GRAUBARD, MARK Astrology and alchemy; two fossil sciences GRAU

GRAY, ETHNE Alchemy in everyday life Audio 105

GRINNELL, ROBERT Alchemy in a modern woman; a study in the contrasexual archetype GRIN

HAEFFNER, MARK Dictionary of alchemy R HAEF

HILLMAN, JAMES Concerning the stone; alchemical images of the goal Pam HILL

HOPKINS, ARTHUR Alchemy, child of Greek philosophy HOPK

JUNG, C G Jung on alchemy. Edited with an introduction by Nathan Schwartz-Salant JUNG

JUNG, C G Mysterium coniunctionis; inquiry into psychic opposites JUNG

JUNG, C G Psychology and alchemy. 2nd edition. (Collected Works Vol. 12) JUNG

MAIER, MICHAEL Intellectual cantilenae …songs of the Phoenix MAIE

MARLAN, STANTON ed Fire in the stone MARL

PHILALETHES, E. Alchemical works R PHIL

RAFF, JEFFREY Jung & the alchemical imagination RAFF

SHUTTLE, PENELOPE Alchemy for women; personal transformation through dreams and the female SHUT

SILBERER, HERBERT Hidden symbolism of alchemy and the occult SILB

TRISMOSIN, SOLOMON Splendor Solis; alchemical treatises TRIS

VON FRANZ, MARIE-LOUISE Alchemical active imagination VONF


VON FRANZ, MARIE-LOUISE Alchemy; an introduction to the symbolism and the psychology VONF


BAUER, JANAlcoholism and women; the background and the psychology BAUE

VELLEMAN, RICHARD Counselling for alcohol problems VELL

Alexander technique

ALEXANDER, F. MATHIAS Universal constant in living ALEX


MEERLOO, JOOST Two faces of man G100 MEER

Analysis See Therapy

Analytical psychology See Jungian


SINGER, JUNE Androgyny; the opposites within 2 ed.SING

ZOLLA, ELEMIRE Androgyne; fusion of the sexes ZOLL


GODWIN, MALCOLM Angels; an endangered species GODW

MALLASZ, GITTA ed Talking with angels; a document from Hungary, transcribed .. tr. R Hinshaw. MALL


DIAMOND, STEPHEN Anger, madness & the daimonic DIAM

HOLLIS, JAMES Swamplands of the soul HOLL


MARTIN, STEVEN Anger as inner transformation Audio A44

Anger See also Violence

Anima, animus

BLY, ROBERT & M. The maiden king; the reunion of masculine & feminine BLY


DAVID, JULIAN Animus. Thesis submitted in Zurich.DAVI

HANNAH, BARBARA Problem of contact with animus. Guild of Pastoral Psychology, 1962 Pam HANN

HILLMAN, JAMES Anima; an anatomy of a personified notion HILL

JUNG, EMMA Animus and anima JUNG

MCNEELY, DELDON Animus aeternus; exploring the inner masculine MCNE

SANFORD, JOHN Invisible partners; how the male and female in each of us affects our SANF


ULANOV, ANN Witch and the clown ULAN

ULANOV, ANN & BARRY Transforming sexuality; the archetypal world of anima and animus ULAN




DE WAAL, FRANK Good natured: origins of right and wrong in humans …DEWA

HANNAH Cat, dog and horse lectures HANN

HARRIS, W.C. Portraits of game and wild animals G590 HARRsa

HARRIS, WILLIAM Wild sports of Southern Africa. Facsimile ed.G590 HARRsa

MARAIS, EUGENE My friends the baboons G590 MARAsa

MARAIS, EUGENE Soul of the ape G590 MARAsa

MARAIS, EUGENE Soul of the white ant G590 MARAsa

MORUS (LEWINSOHN, R) Animals, men and myths G900 MORU

ROOKMAAKER, L C Zoological exploration of Southern Africa 1650-1790 G590 ROOKsa

RUSSAK, NEIL Animal guides in life, myth & dreams RUSS

SELOUS, FREDERICK Hunters wanderings in Africa, being a narrative of nine years ...G500 SELOsa

WILLIS, ROY Man and beast WILL

WOLOY, ELEANORA Symbol of the dog in the human psyche; a study of the human-dog bond WOLO

Animus See anima, animus

Anthropology See Culture, anthropology

Anti-semitism, National Socialism

INTERNATIONAL Congress 11th - Paris 1989 ed M Mattoon INTE

ISAAC, JULES Teaching of contempt; Christian roots of anti-Semitism G200 ISAA

JUNG, C G Essays on contemporary events . Tr. Elizabeth Welsh, Barbara Hannah & JUNG

MAIDENBAUM, ARYEH Lingering shadows; Jungians, Freudians and anti-Semitism MAID


HOLLIS, JAMES Swamplands of the soul HOLL


ODERMATT, MARTIN Anxiety and guilt Audio 103

RYCROFT, CHARLES Anxiety and neurosis RYCR

Archaeology See Culture, anthropology


ABRAMS, JEREMIAH editor Reclaiming the inner child ABRA

ASPER, KATHRINE Inner child in dreams ASPE

BERRY, PATRICIA Echo's subtle body BERR

BLEAKLEY, ALAN Earth's embrace BLEA

BOLEN, JEAN S. Ring of power BOLE

BREWI, JANICE Mid-life spirituality & Jungian archetypes BREW

BYINGTON, CARLOS Transformation of the patriarchal pattern BYIN

CONFORTI, MICHAEL Field, form, and fate; patterns in mind…CONF

DOWNING, C. Mirrors of the self DOWN

EDINGER, EDWARD Archetype of the Apocalypse; a Jungian study EDIN

GRAY, RICHARD Archetypal explorations GRAY

INTERNATIONAL International congress. 2nd congress 1962. INTE

JACOBY, MARIO Longing for paradise JACO

JOHNSON, ROBERT Lying with the heavenly woman JOHN

JUNG, C G Archetypes of the collective unconscious JUNG

JUNG, C G Flying saucers JUNG

JUNG, C G & PAULI Atom & archetype, Pauli/Jung letters JUNG

LAYARD, JOHN Virgin archetype LAYA


MOON, B. ed An encyclopedia of archetypal symbolism R MOON

MOORE, ROBERT King, warrior, magician, lover MOOR

NEUMANN, ERICH Archetypal world of Henry Moore NEUM

NEUMANN, ERICH Great Mother; an analysis of the archetype NEUM

PELTON, ROBERT Trickster in West Africa PELT

PETERSON, JORDAN Maps of meaning; architecture of belief PETE

PONCE, CHARLES Archetype of the unconscious and the transfiguration of therapy PONC

RADIN, PAUL The trickster RADI

ROBERTSON, ROBIN Jungian archetypes; Jung, Godel & the history of archetypes ROBE

SCHWARTZ-SALANT, N and Archetypal processes in psychotherapy SCHW

SELLS, BENJAMIN ed  Working with images; the theatrical base of archetypal psychology SELL

SIDOLI, MARA When the body speaks SIDO

STEVENS, ANTHONY Archetype; a natural history of the self STEV

STONE, HAL Embracing ourselves STON

TUMMON, PATRICK Archetypes, evolutionary biology, loss of soul TUMM

ULANOV, ANN & BARRY Witch and the clown ULAN

VALCARENGHI, MARINA Relationships; transforming archetypes VALC

VAN EENWYK, J. Archetypes and strange attractors VANE

VON FRANZ, MARIE-LOUISE Archetypal dimensions of the psyche VONF

VON FRANZ, MARIE-LOUISE Archetypal patterns VONF

WENEGRAT, BRANT Divine archetype; the sociobiology of religion WENE

Archetypes See also specific archetypes


ALEXANDER, C. Timeless way of building G700 ALEX

JAPANESE TEMPLES Japanese temples; sculpture, paintings, gardens and architecture. Text J E G700 JAPA

MICHELL, JOHN Earth spirit; its ways, shrines & mysteries MICH

SCULLY, VINCENT Earth, the temple and the gods; Greek sacred architecture G700 SCUL

Art, Africa

BATTISS, WALTER Art of Africa G500 BATTsa


BRENTJIES, B. African rock art G500 BRENsa

DOWSON, THOMAS Rock engravings G500 DOWSsa

DUERDEN, DENNIS African art; an introduction G700 DUERsa

FAIRHEAD, BRENDA Word and bead, presentation of a journey G700 FAIR sa

KHOIKHOI AT THE CAPE Khoikhoi at the Cape of Good Hope: 17th C drawings in S A Library. Text by G900 KHOIsa

SULLIVAN, BRENDA Africa through the mists of time G700 SULL sa

WILMAN, MARIA Rock engravings of Griqualand G500 WILMsa

WOODHOUSE, BERTRain and its creatures G500 WOODsa

Art, Africa See also Bushman art

Art, Australia

BRODY, ANNEMARIEK unwinjku Bim; Western Arnhem Rand paintings from the Collection of the G700 BROD

Art, drawing, painting

BACH, SUSAN Images, meanings and connections; essays in memory of Susan R Bach BACH

BACH, SUSAN Life paints its own span: .. pictures by severely ill children BACH

BAYNES, H G Mythology of the soul; research ...from schizophrenic dreams and drawings BAYN

BERTOIA, JUDY Drawings from a dying child; insights into death from a Jungian perspective BERT

CHRISTIAN ART Christian art G700 CHRI

COLLINS, DESMOND Human revolution; from ape to artist G500 COLL

DALLEY, TESSA ed  Art as therapy; an introduction to the use of art as a therapeutic technique  DALL

DILEO, JOSEPH  Interpreting children's drawings    DILE

D'OYLY, Charles Cape sketches ... Cape Town G700 DOYLsa

DEGENAAR, JOHAN Art and the meaning of life (Summer School lectures) DEGEsa

DRURY, JOHN  Painting the word; Christian pictures & their meaning    DRUR

EDINGER, EDWARD Living psyche; a Jungian analysis in pictures EDIN

EMSLIE, ANNE Owl house G700 EMSLsa

FAIRHEAD, BRENDA Word and bead, presentation of a journey G700 FAIR sa

FURTH, GREGG Secret world of drawings; healing through art FURT

GAY, PETER   Sigmund Freud and art    GAY

HARRIS, WILLIAM Portraits of the game and wild animals of Southern Africa G590 HARRsa

JUNG, C G Spirit in man, art and literature JUNG

KEYES, MARGARET Inward journey; art as therapy (with new supplement on active imagination by KEYE

KHOI KHOI…Khoi Khoi at the Cape of Good Hope G900 KHOIsa

LEWIS, PENNY Creative transformation; the healing power of the arts LEWI

LOWENFELD, VIKTOR Creative and mental growth G700 LOWE

MAN AND ANIMAL Man and animal. Man and his art v. 3 G700 MANA

MEARES, AINSLIE Door of serenity; a study in the therapeutic use of symbolic painting MEAR

MILNER, MARION On not being able to paint MILN

NEUMANN, ERICH Archetypal world of Henry Moore NEUM

NEUMANN, ERICH Art and the creative unconscious; four essays NEUM

PSYCHOPATHOLOGY Psychopathology & pictorial expression ..series now complete except for no 13 PSYC

QUADRANT 23, 1990 journal

READ, HERBERT Education through art G700 READ

READ, HERBERT Origins of form in art G700 READ

READ, HERBERT Redemption of the robot; my encounter with education through art G700 READ

READ, HERPERT and On beauty. Beauty and the beast & The divine enchantment ... Hellenic and READ

SCHAVERIEN, JOY Revealing image; analytical art psychotherapy in theory and practice SCHA

SIMON, R.M.Symbolic images in art as therapy SIMO

STEVENS, ANTHONY Withymead; a Jungian community for the healing arts STEV

TRANSPERSONAL IMAGES Transpersonal images (Various contributors)TRAN

ULANOV, ANN Wizard's gate; picturing consciousness. 1991 Hale Memorial Lecture ULAN

VAN ALPHEN, W D Knysna forest scenery: sketches G700 VANAsa

Art, Egypt

HARRIS, J R Egyptian art G700 HARR

PETRIE, FLINDERS Arts and crafts of ancient Egypt G700 PETR

Art, Japan

JAPANESE TEMPLES Japanese temples; sculpture, paintings, gardens and architecture. Text J E G700 JAPA


GLEADOW, RUPERT Origin of the zodiac G100 GLEA

GRAUBARD, MARK Astrology and alchemy GRAU

GREEN, LIZAstrology of fate GREE

HOWE, ELLIE Urania's children; the strange world of the astrologer sG100 HOWE

MERLIN, KATHERINE Character and fate; the psychology of the birthchart MERL

REINHART, MELANIE Chiron and the healing journey; an astrological & psychological perspective REIN

SASPORTAS, HOWARD Gods of change, pain, crisis and transit of Uranus, Nepture and Pluto SASP

ZINNER, ERNST Stars above us ...ZINN


SHEARER, ANN Athene; image and energy SHEA



GALANOPOULOS, A G and Atlantis; the truth behind the legend G900 GALA

SAURAT, D.Atlantis and the giants G900 SAUR

SAURAT, DENIS Atlantis and the giants G900 SAUR

WILKINS, H. Mysteries of South America G900

WILKINS, HAROLD Mysteries of ancient South America G900 WILK


BOWLBY, JOHN A secure base BOWL


HEARD, Dorothy and B.Lake Challenge of attachment for caregiving HEAR

LEICK, NINI & M DAVIDSEN Healing pain; attachment, loss & grief therapy LEIC

MARRIS, PETER The politics of uncertainty; attachment and public life MARR

PARKES, COLIN M editor Attachment across the life cycle PARK


HENDERSON, JOSEPH Cultural attitudes in psychological perspective HEND

Augustine, Saint

VERSFELD, MARTIN Guide to The City of God G200 VERS

VERSFELD, MARTIN St Augustine's Confessions; and City of God G200 VERS

Australia, culture, anthropology

TACEY, DAVID, Edge of the sacred; transformation in Australia TACE


ALVARES, ANN & SUSAN REID, eds Autism & personality (Tavistock Workshop)    ALVA