Maria Fernandez

Maria Fernandez was born in England in 1945 of Spanish/Italian parents (Trinidad/Naples). She received her BA honours degree in dance, drama and music. She has studied Aikido, meditation in Dharamsala, India home of the Dalai Lama), dervish turning in Konya, Turkey (base of Rumi, great Sufi-poet and dervish dancer), African dance in Senegal, voice and theatre with the Roy Hart theatre in France and spent seven months in India working on a healing arts programme. She also works in collaboration with Pantheatre in France and is an artistic advisor to the Myth and Theatre Festival in Avignon. For the past seven years she has studied and still continues to study with the Builders of the Adyton and has received an initiation from Shakmah Winddrum into the Solomonic Mysteries.

She is currently teaching in Sweden, Holland and France, leading workshops for women and men.

She also gives individual sessions to those seeking guidance on personal, artistic, physical and emotional levels. And she gives professional consultancy for projects. All her sessions and workshops are directed towards bringing a spiritual understanding to the unfolding drama of life.

'The inner world of the body comes

alive in two ways, sensation and feeling.

Sensation has to do with the exact

feel of the body condition and functioning.

Feeling has to do with the exact

sensing of, the expressive

component, the emotional overtone.'

Mary Whitehouse