An Hermetic Origin of the Tarot Cards?
A Consideration of the Tarocchi of Mantegna

Adam McLean. First published in the Hermetic Journal 1983.

Labarinto and the Tarrochi of Mantegna
by Adam McLean.

Rafal T. Prinke - Mantegna's Prints in Tarot History

Article originally published in Manteia, 4 (1990), 9.

The Mantegna Cosmograph

The Tarot and other Early Cards

Tom Tadfor Little -

The Tarocchi del Mantegna

Tura - Turpsicord

Mantegna Tarot and Martianus Capella


Sunday, October 26, 2003
Dear Friends,
I found this illustration:  Manuscript Martianus Capella - of MUSICA  which is according to this website:
Illustration from De nuptiis Philologiae et Mercurii, of Martianus Capella, 15th Century.

The Website Homepage is [in the Netherlands it seems]

Zeven Vrije Kunsten

This image of Music is almost identical to Musica in the Tarocchi of Mantegna. It seems from a brief websearch that depictions of the Seven Liberal Arts, were inherited from the tradition of Martianus Capella. See further: Seznac, The Surival of the Pagan Gods.

Any further work done or archived along these lines?

Samten de Wet