She is called by Rachel Levy,'The Goddess of Vegetation,' [Page 221, Gates.]


, where Levy continues.


Neumann calls her: 'The Lady of the Plants,'

Therefore: The Goddess/Lady of Vegetation and Plants.This Goddess is obviously Ceres, Minerva.See the Emblems of Atalanta in which she makes an appearance.



RESOURCE: Plants: - see 'Community' Para 142


142: Rightly it has been observed that the protection and preservation of the offspring of animals must be provided for.Maternity means the same for them as for humanity. When animals are spared they will repay us in milk, wool and labour.The problem of animals living near man is a very important one. One may visualize how the atmosphere is altered when there are friends around the dwelling. Ask the Arab about the horse or a Northerner about a reindeer - he will speak not as about animals but as about his family.

One may pass from animals to plants. You already know that it is beneficial to sleep on cedar roots. You know what collectors of electricity pine needles are. Not only do plants serve salutarily by their extracts, the plant emanation produces a strong effect on the surroundings. One can see how a man can be helped by a bed of flowers consciously combined. Absurd are mixed flower beds whose mutual reactions destroy their good effect.Matched or homogeneous ones can answer the needs of our organisms. How many useful combinations there are in fields covered by wild plants! Combinations of plants which are natural neighbors must be studied as instruments in an orchestra. Those scientists are right who look upon plants as subtly sensitive organisms. The next steps will be the study of the reaction of groups of plants on each other as well as upon man. The sensitivity and reciprocal action of plants upon surroundings is indeed astonishing. Plants are manifested as it were, as a binding substance of the planet, acting on a network of imperceptible interactions. True, the value of plants was long ago foreseen, but group reciprocal actions have not been studied. Until recently people have not understood the vital capacity of vegetable organisms and have senselessly cut clusters of heterogeneous plants, not caring about the meaning of what they were doing. A man with a bouquet is like a child with fire. Exterminators of vegetation of the planet's crust are like state criminals.

Remember, We do not like cut flowers.


Air - 144.


144:We shall say to him who fears all changes: "Dissolution is evident in you." This process begins much earlier than the physical illnesses. How can one observe the first signs of disintegration? Only in an immobility of admissions. How is it possible to determine when the disintegration becomes dangerous for the social order. When the indolent consciousness considers the community a harmful nonsense. It is best to by-pass such living corpses. Some kinds of people cannot comprise the community, but all those in the category of attacking ones must be indignantly excluded from social intercourse. It must be understood that even the smallest contact with these organisms is harmful. Here there can be no question of kinship.

Honoured is old age is a body with a clear consciousness, for in the essential nature there is no old age.But premature decay surrounds one with an intolerable stench.

When Buddha called a man malodorous, he had first of all in mind the spiritual consciousness. This gangrenous process is not subject to cure. In Our Structures avoid touching such people. Spending time on them is equal to depriving a waiting, hungry man of a morsel of food.

How eagerly is each word about the New World awaited!The striving of new consciousness will result in new combinations. We await those who pronounce a new day, a desired one - who regard the best past day worse than each new one.They are right: for each new day is clothed with prana of the new evolution, The air, actually changed by the disintegration of the worlds, becomes new. How necessary it is to study the composition of the atmosphere by the most sensitive apparatuses! The composition of the air is a vital part of biology. Up to the present we have spoken roughly about the air, forgetting its psychic reaction.


Magnetism, 158 - see Telluric powers, ley lines, and perhaps this is linked to the fire and water pujas to local spirits and deities, The fluorescent Yo-Yo of Peter Reich in his 'The Book of Dreams' - and why it absorbs positive power - reason for my fear of fluro-liquid Jacqui used at Tarot weekend. W. Reich


158 Magnetism and gas formations, both dynamic factors, are absolutely not studied. Magnetism attracts attention when a horse is unable to lift its shoe from the ground. Gases are mentioned when people and animals fall dead. Only about such crude manifestations do people talk, but magnetism and gases operate throughout the entire surface of the planet. No place is indifferent, each locality is individual according to qualities of deeply practical significance.

One may be amazed at the naivete of people who settle down in one place without any understanding of its local conditions. One may understand how many calamities could be averted.

You yourselves have performed the experiment with the hazel branch and have been amazed how this most ancient and primitive apparatus became tense, trembled, and went into motion, reacting to underground waters and mineral. Indeed, the source of this obvious reaction lies not in the branch but in the human apparatus. With what detail and fervor must one study, therefore, the reaction of each locality upon many and upon entire groups of people! Many regions are replete with popular rumours about the peculiarities of character and their inhabitants; in some places people suffer from goiter: in some they loose their teeth; in some leprosy makes its nest; in some the spleen becomes blighted, or the heart enlarged, or the character sluggish; in some places their is vigor and animation. A great number of such features catch the eye. It may be observed that these peculiarities are not a matter of racial or climatic conditions.The very structure of the ground underfoot may contain the principal causes of the differences in popular characteristics. Their is a broad field for study if approached with keen eye and without prejudice.

258." Let us turn once more to the mirage of Maya. Clearly there will loom before you the evident futility of working upon humanity.How obvious are the traits of mutual abasement! How obvious are hypocrisy and falsehood! How stifling the ignorance and deadly laziness. The mirage of evidence clouds the horizon of reality But as the white elephant of Maitreya reality marches on.

When falsehood and self-conceit apparently rule, then indeed there has arrived a great turning point in evolution. The whisperer of the night departs into darkness.

The stronger the thunder, the more powerful the lightening. All reiterate - the New Age arrives in storm and lightning. For the lightning there are needed positive and negative energies. If Maya does not furnish the negative evidence, how then can flash forth the sword-blade of positive reality?

We say briefly that never before on the planet has thought about cooperation been raised to the extent that it is at present.

You will perceive all mirages and will know the unfailing reality of the approach of World cooperation.The force of reciprocal action must be great. The glare of the lightening's hammer must be blinding and the thunder must be deafening. Each evidence must serve unfailing reality.

Let your friends enlighten their consciousness with the lightning of reality. Let us turn no more to the mirage of Maya nor dream of quenching thirst from its visionary lakes. Manifestation of evolution is immutable. The consciousness of immutability will illume your path!"


See Lama Govinda, p.52 for plants & animals, and Community, 142.

See: Zain in Tarot for stones and vibrational influences.

The concept of Existence, animals, plants, human beings, set into an ecological system seen as a cipher.


St. Johnís Wort


Prostrate, Mindell, Dreambody


Medicinal Plants of South Africa, by Ben-Erik van Wyk, Bosch van Oudtshoorn and Nigel Gerike, , Briza Publications, Pretoria, 1997.

Each Plant has a section on: Botanical Description; Plant Parts Used; Medicinal Uses; Preparation and Dosage; Active Ingredients; Pharmacological Effects and Distribution. At the foot of this page all the Bibliographical References are placed - while on the opposite page are a set of colour photographs. This publication is basic, simple and yet rich in information. Plant names are given in Afrikaans, English, Xhosa, Sotho, Venda and Zulu to mention a few of the local languages.

A plant list according to ailments, 132 geographical distribution maps, and introductory chapters on cultural aspects of healing, methods of collection and storage and so forth.

A fine publication and praise to the authors!