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            This is not a very successful book, which is not redeemed by an introduction by Laurens van der Post. Part of the problem is that Nichols used a specific culture-based version of the Tarot, i.e. the Marseilles Deck. This seriously limits the archetypal significance of the Tarot, especially in the context of the Jungian setting. Its would be more correct to title the book ‘Jung and the Marseilles Tarot.’ Nichols also loads the text with her subjective responses to the Major Arcana, or Trumps as she prefers to call them. There is nothing amiss with this approach, per se, but it tends to lead to a subjective reductionalism, instead of the vistas of the objective archetype. That is not to say that the archetype is not sensed through the subjective as well as the objective, and beyond these polarities. Nichols makes the material personal, which C.G.Jung avoided. In that his patients are still classified information.

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"Where and when were (cards) invented, and what is the origin of their names ? When were they introduced into Europe ? What has been their progress as a popular game; and what influence have they had on society ?

What changes have they undergone with respect to the figures and the marks of the suits; and to what purposes have picture and fancy cards been made subservient, in consequence of those in common use being so generally understood ?

And lastly, what have been the opinions of moralists and theologians with respect to the lawfulness of the same ?

Such are the topics discussed and questions examined, in the following pages."

Frater Achad, The Egyptian Revival, 1923.

"The Tarot Trumps, being a sort of Universal Alphabet, may of course be interpreted in a variety of ways, but I shall discuss their Symbolism when arranged upon the Paths of the Tree of Life according to the Reformed Astrological Order given in the Appendix to Q.B.L.

If by this we obtain "More Light on the Tarot Trumps" and the Universal Tradition, which transcends what we call Light and Darkness, becomes plainer to my readers, the books will not have been written in vain." Indispensable for students of the Tarot and the Kaballah. The pamphlet, "I.N.R.I." (On The True Symbolism Of The Rosy Cross) is also included.


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