The Apple is central to the entire structure of 'Atalanta Fugiens'. From the Gardens of the Hesperides, to the Garden of Eden, through Atlas, Hercules, Hippomenes, Adam and Eve and Eris - the Apple appears as a constant theme.

Apples, like the Rose, are ruled by Venus. Perhaps Flowers and Fruit would be better ruled by Mother Nature - Ceres. But all the Great Mothers are variations on one central archetype. Apples and Roses are in the Philosophical Gardens and thus share this symbolic space with the Bee and honey. In this context 'DEW' also as a symbol of the Nectar of the Gods, Ambrosia.

Fig. No.The Wicked Queen * The Red Apple. Snow White

The Wicked Queen in 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' uses a poisoned apple as bait to obtain the Red Heart of Snow White. The Golden Apple, which was inscribed 'To The Fairest', which Eris rolled at the feet of Hera, Athene and Aphrodite was the 'procataractal' cause of the Trojan War.Hippomenes traps Atalanta with the three apples - and we all know, or think we know, what Eve set in motion when she took a bite of the Apple.

The Apple then emerges with the Serpent - and we must not forget the Dragons that guard the Golden Apples of the Hesperides, as well as the Golden Fleece, and other "chemical secrets."


Fig. No. Serpent, Eve and Apple in 'Temptation of Eve', 12th century, Autun, Musee' Rolin: in Snake File. SLIDE.No.


According to the Ayurvedic system of the Tridoshas, the Apple equates to, or produces, the Element AIR. Now Rhy Davis shows how the God Apollo - and the APPLE share the same root.

"Apples in general are cold and windy,.." Culpeper.


Apollo is known for his Hyperborean connections, and BOREAS, is the GOD OF THE NORTH WIND, ...

See also: BOREAS in Emblem 1 of Mihael Maierís ĎAtalanta Fugiensí and the Four Winds in th Orphic Bowl, plus Boreas on the Kabiric Vase.





A Word or two of the most usual kinds of Apples, though the Colledg of Physitians make use of none but such as Vulgo vulgati, Pearmains, vel Pippins. Apples in general are cold and windy,and being of sundry tasts, Galen sheweth thereby how to distinguish them: Som have a sharp tast, and are good for fainting Stomachs and loos Bellies; others sowr, good to cool and quench thirst; som sharp, fit to cut gross flegm; som sweet, soon destributed in the Body, and as soon passed away, yet sooner corrupted in the Stomach if they be staid: The best sorts before they be throughly ripe are to be avoided; then to be roasted or scalded is the best


[EDGENOTE:] Fainting Stomach, Loos Bellies, Thirst, Flegm.way to take them and a little Spice or Seeds cast upon them and taken after meat, do strengthen both Stomach and Bowels, especially in those that loath, or hardly digest their meat, or are given to casting, or have a Flux or Lask: Those that are a little sowr and harsh used in that manner are fittest: Sweet Apples loosen the Belly and drive forth Worms; Sowr Apples stop the Belly, and provoke Urin; and Crabs for this purpose are fittest: The sweet Apples as the Pippin and Pearmain, help to dissolve Melancholly humors, and to procure Mirth, and therfore are

[EDGENOTE:] Stomach, Bowels, Vomiting, Flux, Loosen Worms, Melancholly, Agues, heat of the Liver and Stomach.fittest for Confectio Alkermes, and Syrupus de Pomis. The Leavs boyled and given to drink in hot Agues, where the heat of the Liver and Stomach causeth the Lips to break out, and the Throat to grow dry, harsh and furred, is very good to wash and gargle it withal, and to drink down som. This may to good purpose be used when better things are not at hand, or cannot be had. The Juyce of Crabs either Verjuyce or Cider, is of singular good use in the Heat and faintings of the Stomach, and against Casting to make a Posset with, or taken som of it alone by it self. The Juyce of Crabs, or Cider applied with wet cloaths therein to scalded or burnt places, cooleth, healeth, and draweth forth the Fire. A rotten Apple applied to Eyes bloodshotten, or enflamed with heat, or that are black and blue about them by any stroke of fall, and bound too all day or night, helpeth them quickly. The distilled Water


[EDGENOTE:] Scalding, Burning, Eyes, Inflamation, Ulcers, Spots, Freckles. of rotten Apples doth cool the heat and inflamations of Sores, and is good to bath foul creeping Ulcers, and to wash the Face to take away Spots, Freckles or other discolorings. The distilled Water of good and sound Apples is of special good use to procure Mirth, and expel Melancholly. The ointment called Pomatum, if sweet and well made, helpeth the Chops in the Lips or Hands, and maketh smooth and supple the rough Skin of the Hands or Face parched with wind or other accidents.


[EDGENOTE:] Chaps in the Lips & Hands.

Thus my Authors.

All that I can say of Apples is this:

1 That they are extream windy.

2 That they provoke Urine, being roasted (especially Pomwaters) and mixed with fair Water, and drunk up at night going to bed; half a dozen great ones mixed with a quart of Water, excellently provokes Urin, if there be no material stone in the Body: This I had of Gerhard, and have often known it proved, and always with good success. All Apples loosen the Belly and pleasure the Stomach by their coolness.