Tuesday, November 11, 2003 1:47 AM

Re: [tarotsalon] Cassiopeia and Pisces

Regarding Cassiopeia, I have the complete collection of the images from the Leiden Aratea, and as you know these 36 Minor Constellations, consist of the 36 Minor Arcana in the Church of Light deck.

Have done some limited research on this area, and wish to make one observation. As in Jungian terminology, where the archetypes constellate, or the symbolic material appears, or emerges, constellated - which is an interesting set of terms, so the cluster under consideration appears as:
32. PEGASUS - A winged horse that soars upward. 05 Coins

33. CETUS - A gigantic whale-like monster. 06 Coins

34. CEPHEUS - A king with upraised scepter and whose crown is surmounted by seven globes.  07 Cups

35. ANDROMEDA - A princess chained to a rock by the sea. 08 Cups

36. CASSIOPEA - A queen sitting on a throne clasping in one hand a braid of her hair.  09 Cups

Collectively they move through 50 degrees as the five last decanates of the cycle.

The final three, are of course, in Pisces, giving us the thematic idea of Sacrifice. This is just a brief overview of the possible amplifications,  but in the Leiden Aratea, Andromeda is chained between TWO Pillars, this reflects the Two Trees of The Hanged Man, and of course, leads us by polarity and its associations to Virgo, the opposite of Pisces, where we see the Two Pillars yet again.

From here, we can move into other Hanged Goddesses, such as Juno, Jocasta, and so on.

Samten deWet