To: Monika von Moltke, November 08, 2002. PRIMORDIAL BEING

 What a glorious primordial being! What a beast! I celebrate it in the most intense possible way. 

Unfortunately i cannot see the creation in its totality for i have to scroll the picture down so that i miss its immensity. Its magnificence, in all its strangeness, demands to be looked at with intense care and concentration. My frustration is not being able to grasp the complexity of the total image. What i find less appealing is the background. It does not complement the magnificence of the beast-creature.It is too stark. Perhaps it is what is wanted to set off the figure in all its complexity but there is a starkness about the background that i do not find appealing. The beast-creature can stand on its own. It can take on all-comers in the painting and beat them all. It wants flowers. The creature wants to be wrapped in flowers. Even a few little white flowers in the background will go a long way to complement its beauty. It has emerged from a world of beauty and not from a hellishly burned-out eternity. If it had it would have been devilishly mean, monstrous, and that it is definitely not. It is so beautiful - no, that is perhaps not the right word - so wonderfully weird and complex, and yet it does not feel as if you have overdone it. I feel no forcedness in the image in contrast to some of the images that you have created in the more recent past. It is not as if you were determined by structure and form, as i have complained about at times. In this case, the formlessness of the form seems to flow naturally, as if it had no creator, as if it created itself. Yet one is forced to concede that it had a creator, that it has flowed out of you. You created subtle but nevertheless very powerful nuances simply by playing with texture and colour. It is through the latter modalities that  the primordiality of the form emerged. I wish i could have been part of its creation. I salute the creative creation of the primordial being-beast.

Thomas Leonard Holdstock